Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting ready for my new job

Well it starts tomorrow. As I have said, I am both excited and very nervous. Starting a new chapter as I did a year ago when I got the lapband.

I had come across a fantastic little snack a while back and have now expanded on it. Pepperoni, veggie cream cheese and tortillas. Who doesn't like a roll up? Spread the cream cheese on the tortilla, top with pepperoni and roll up. Chill overnight. Cut in 2 in slices and enjoy! Very filling and band friendly. I will be taking that each day for a snack or lunch. You can mix it up. Mix cream cheese with taco seasoning and add shredded cheese for a taco roll up. Mix cream cheese with diced ham and green onion and roll up. I make this dip for crackers but it would be fantastic as a roll up. The trick is letting it marinate overnight on any of them. The flavors are so much better. Of course the standard green chilis or jalapenos and cream cheese, shredded cheese and roll up. You could make a veggie one just used finely diced veggies and cream cheese. The possibilities are endless.

Getting my clothes sorted out. I want to look professional, well more than usual plus I am just going to have to get new clothes. I will be meeting with developers and programmers and managers. Got to look spiffy. It wouldn't do to have "repeat" clothes too often. LOL.

Going to make ribs on the grill tonight. More for the family than me cause me and pork don't get along too well. Well it pork and my band that have issues. It doesn't matter how tender it is, it still causes issues. I had a bite of steak last night and I mean a small bite. I had to chew it for 10 min before swallowing. I love steak but you know what? It so wasn't worth the chewing I had to do.

I think tomorrow I will eat my eggs, as usual. I am packing my roll ups and some guac/baked scoops. Vitamin water zero. What to do for lunch? I guess I could head out to Jason's for a salad. I will be working shorter days so I won't need a bunch of food. Instead of working four 10 hour days, I will be working M-F until 5pm. I was working until 8pm. I won't get 3 day weekends anymore but I will be getting off early every day. I haven't worked 5 day weeks in a few years. Another change...

Of course now that I will be getting off early I will have to cook every night whereas my husband cooked during the week when I worked until 8pm and I cooked on weekends. Hmm...we are going to have to split this up I think. No wonder he was so excited about my schedule change.

I went to a car show yesterday and took my food with me. Rollups of course and chicken salad. It was so freakin hot. I drank 2 Vitamin waters and 3 lemonades and was still thirsty. Yeah I know plain water is best but I can't stand it. I went home and was sooo thirsty, I drank and drank until my stomach hurt. I feel fine today. I was dehydrated obviously.

Getting ready to get ready for my new job. Cleaning house today as the sitter starts tomorrow as well with school being out for the summer. Changes all around.

I pray I am not too nervous or stressed tomorrow otherwise my band will have issues.

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