Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Reunion

This weekend was a family reunion. The first such event in more than 25 years. Needless to say I usually only see these people at funerals. No one has seen me since the last funeral and I was 120 lbs heavier. Would they notice? Yes and no. A few noticed and most did not. A little disheartening.

This reunion was a cookout at the park. They supplied the meats and we brought side dishes. I made jalapeno mac and cheese and cheesecake brownies. For my meal I made cashew chicken salad. I wanted to make sure I had food. I also brought my waters. It was a beautiful day. I got slightly stuck but it went down. I ate a cup of chicken salad (40g of protein) and a cheesecake brownie. That's it.
They had smoked pork, which I can't eat and hot dogs which also I cannot eat. Glad I brought the chicken salad.

It was a great time with family but the pictures got me a little depressed. I saw the pictures and I saw myself still very heavy. Lately when I take pics I looked like I lost weight but for some reason in these pics this weekend I looked heavy. I haven't gained weight so I am at a loss. Am I seeing things? Now I am bummed about it. I know I haven't gained weight because my jeans I wore today I had to keep hiking them up. I won't be able to wear them anymore, too big. I know pics tend to show more weight on you but really lately I thought I looked decent in pics and didn't mind taking pics. Now, I don't want pics taken. Mental?

Need to do some rethinking and reassessing. I am definitely thinking of getting my fill after my project at work is over. Mid October maybe. Got to get back on track.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can't believe I have neglected my blog

I have been extremely busy for a while now. So busy, in fact, I haven't had time to update my blog.

No additional weightloss to report. I am finally able to eat without getting stuck at every meal. It is a huge relief but I am still wavering between, to get a fill or not. I am just enjoying eating again and not that I am overeating just being able to eat normally.

I had one week where I was able to take my lunch daily instead of running out. My friend was on vacation. For the first time I was able to get the stubborn 5 lbs off and kept it off. Eating out is my enemy. When I eat out daily during the week I put on 5lbs and then lose it over the weekend only to gain it again the next week. I am trying to bring my lunch more often now that my friend is back from vacation. She isn't too happy about that but I have to do it for me.
 Since starting my new job in June, I now get up earlier, eat breakfast earlier and therefore am hungrier for lunch earlier whereas, before, I didn't eat lunch until 1 or 2pm. I am now hungry at 11 or 11:30am. So I have been bringing snacks like yogurt or cheese sticks. I did go out this week and got 3 bowls of chili from Logan's Roadhouse. I love their chili. It has 13g of protein. So I had chili three days. Still kept those stubborn 5 lbs off. Then on Friday we went to IHOP and I got an omelette and bam a few pounds came back. Crazy!!

I need to bring my lunch or get foods ahead of time that are good choices, like the chili.

Life keeps me busy with football, jazz band for my son and cheerleading for my daughter. I need to get back to my roots of keeping prepared. I still take my lunch tote everywhere with drinks in it at least so I always have my Vitamin Water but I need to be more proactive and more assertive with bringing my lunch despite how it upsets my friend. I do try to warn her by emailing her the night before.

Being prepared is the key to success. Bringing foods rather than buying is always the better choice.

For those reading my blog...if you aren't able to post a comment, you are not alone. I can't respond to any posted comments either. I am working to get this resolved. If you just want to email me directly, feel free at

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A long long week

This eating out has to stop! I can't keep doing it day after day. I try to keep on track but it is no good.

I eat maybe every 4-5 hours. I was wondering why I was so hungry at 11:30 am everyday when before I wasn't hungry until at least 1pm. Duh...I now eat breakfast at 6:30am when I used to eat at 8:30am.

I made another crockpot meal and the family loved it. I had no problems eating it and it had pasta in it. I will be adding it to my recipe page. It is chicken stroganoff. Yummy!

Ok, here's a touchy subject...constipation. It happens to everyone regardless if they had surgery. It happens more often with someone who has had surgery. Gas and constipation go hand in hand for me. I cut out or limit my veggies and try to focus on protein and I get constipated. There's no happy medium. I can hold onto about 5 lbs when I am constipated. I need to find balance in this area or add metamucil to my diet which I really don't want to do.

Still looking for recipes. If you have any send them to

Thanks everyone!!