Dr Appt/Fills--UPDATED 12-22-11

06-10-2010  1st Post Op appt.                         Fill 3cc                     Restriction for only a few days

07-01-2010  2nd Post Op                                Fill 1.5cc (total) 4.5cc Restriction for a three weeks

07-26-2010  3rd Post Op                                 No fill.                    I was considered in the GREEN ZONE

08-23-2010   4th Post Op                                Fill .5cc (total of 5cc)  Had a horrible stuck/sliming episode 4 days after fill. Food gets stuck more often. By the next appt I was eating a plate and a half of food at a time but did not get hungry for 5-6 hrs between meals.

10-07-2010  5th Post Op appt                          Fill .2cc (Total of 5.2cc)  Feel restriction at the moment

11-04-10  no fill. I have heartburn really bad so I decided not to get a fill.

12-02-10                                                         Fill .6cc for a total of 5.8cc

02-23-11                                                         Fill .3cc for a total of 6.1cc

10-2011                                                           Fill .3cc for a total of 6.4cc

12-8-2011                                                       Fill 1cc for a total of 7.4cc

12-22-2011                                                     UN-FILL of 6.4cc leaving 1cc.