Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stress and the every day

Stress is an important factor in lap band do's and don'ts. Stress for whatever reason causes the band to be tighter and swallowing a chore as much as the eating is. What to do? No matter how careful I am the trials of life creep up and cause the most unlikely foods to cause problems.

Yesterday and today have been days of trial for me. I have had a lot of problems swallowing and I know it is because of the stress. Yesterday we found out my husband has an enlarged heart/aortic aneurysm. It's not surgery worthy at this point so that is the good news but I am still very worried none the less. Today I get a phone call from my GYN about my test results from my mammogram last week. She said that I have an area of density in the right one and several nodules with asymmetry in both. I have to go have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound done on Tuesday. As I am talking to the doctor's office my husband brings in the mail with a letter from them telling me this as well and also his labs that show he has high cholesterol which does not help his enlarged heart. Good news anyone?? Because of all of this I wasn't able to eat a meal. It kept getting stuck. I just need some good news so maybe I can eat today. I don't want to resort to liquids. I tried all my tricks for swallowing and still couldn't get anything to go down.

What's a person to do? You can't help what stress brings you? You can do what you can but in the end no matter what you do you can't help the stress.

I will follow up after my test on Tuesday. I am supposed to get the results on Tuesday. Wish me luck!!

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Alison said...

Oh my goodness what a stressful time for you, I'm not surprised that you kept getting stuck.
Good luck for Tuesday, will be thinking of you.