Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 4

Strange day. The hunger set in big time. I am assuming the swelling has gone down quite a bit. I was hungry and ate every 3-4 hours. I had been craving egg salad ever since I saw a recipe for it on So this morning I boiled some eggs, cooled them and made egg salad. A little lite mayo(kraft made w/olive oil), pickle relish, mustard, and pureed the heck out of it and thinned it with pickle juice. It was a little piece of heaven. 2 oz was plenty. I will limit the egg to once or twice a week. I made some chocolate cheesecake pudding, also from It was very good.

My stomach spoke a lot to me today. It gurgled and then drained. Yes I could feel and hear the draining. It was very weird because when it was done the stuffed feeling was gone and I was just plain old comfortable and not hungry.

Pain is way down. Deep breaths are getting easier.

I have a very bad habit I need to break! Tasting while cooking. We all do it and evidently I do it without thinking. I was cooking alfredo w/chicken for my family and I just popped a spoonful in my mouth without thinking and then suddenly I was like OH CRAP and spitting it out. Had I chewed that up and swallowed it would have turned out very very bad.

Tomorrow is another day!! I wonder what changes I am in for tomorrow.

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