Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not much to say...ok well maybe a little

As my last quick post from my cell stated, nothing going on. I am in the lull before the storm so to speak. I am two weeks and two days out from surgery. Time is winding down and I have lots to do. There is such a big changing coming that I feel the need to prepare. I just hope I am not overpreparing. Is that even possible? I wonder if I am making this more difficult then it should be. I guess that isn't possible when this kind of surgery is involved. My life will change forever IF I put forth the effort. I know of several people that had this surgery and lost a good chunk of weight then gained it back. I don't know them personally but I have seen them eat and after learning all I have, I know that they are breaking the rules.

If you plan to succeed then you need to put into it as much effort as you can. I would say that a 10" three topping pizza is not the right choice but I have seen a girl who had gastric bypass down one in one sitting. I have seen this same person eat three plates of food at a luncheon. Seriously, and she has gastric bypass. I just don't understand how you can eat like that after gastric bypass.

What's the point in doing such a drastic surgery if you are going to go back to eating habits like that? What is more scary is what if that is a reduced about of food compared to what she used to eat?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Info from that I feel well informed of to possibly expect.
Well, I was sitting here thinking that I haven't blogged in a while. Not much to say, nothing going on. 3 weeks until my surgery. I have gotten so much

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A bad food week?

Well this week has been challenging. I have gained 5 lbs. My swelling is bad in my legs. I have no idea why. I have been focusing on high protein meals and have managed to get 70g of protein per day. It just has to be the foods I am eating this week.
Breakfast every other day has been a protein smoothie. I had eggs one day. Today I didn't eat breakfast. Dinner varies. Last night it was hamburgers off the grill.
Monday and Tuesday I had a ham/swiss sandwich on skinny bread with TONS of lettuce on it and homemade green beans. I don't add a lot of salt. I did cook them with 2 hamhocks. They were tiny and had very little meat on them. Could that be the culprit? I didn't have green beans yesterday for lunch. I had mexican. I had refried beans, a tablespoon of guacamole, spanish rice and a skinny burrito with just meat. I gave up soft drinks weeks ago and now only drink Vitamin Water Zero which has no sodium. I did drink a couple of cups of Kroger active lifestyle flavored water this week. It does have sodium in it. It's like propel only with vitamins.
Today I am off work and just sitting here with my legs propped up. It is the only way to get the swelling down. Last night I thought my skin was going to explode it was so tight from swelling. I know the weight gain is from the swelling. At least I hope it is. Today is Thursday so I guess I will watch my intake of sodium for a few days and see if that is the problem. I sure hope that when I get banded and lose some of this weight that my legs won't swell up anymore. I take a BP medicine that has a diuretic in it so the swelling baffles me.

I am getting frustrated. I need to maintain or lose weight not gain it. It is a lot harder to focus on not gaining then it is to try and lose weight. UGH!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Countdown Begins

I am one month out from surgery. My band date is 05-12-10. I am getting more nervous as the time nears. I have so many questions. Am I ready? Do I have all my ducks in a row? There is so much more I need to do to get ready. I feel like an expectant mother again preparing for a new part of my life.
I need to work on my shopping list to make sure I have EVERTHING I could possibly need in the pantry. I can't leave that to my husband. It takes him an hour to go to the grocery to get milk. Seriously!! He ends up coming back with candy or little debbies. It's a good thing I am not a candy or snack cake kind of person. I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl.

Work: I have stopped talking about my surgery to everyone unless they ask me a question. I go about my business like always. On my breaks I make lists. Lots of lists. Getting my work desk ready for my time off. Surfing the net for more info on High protein recipes. There is so much to do, so little time.

Home: I have to get my exercise room ready. It is a spare bedroom painted U of K blue. YUCK!! I am a Cardinals fan. I plan on painting it a light green. Then I can move my treadmill and elliptical in there. Once I am comfortable with myself I may use the fitness center at work for strength training on the weight machines. There are several exercise classes there but I am not ready for any of them by far.

So my time is drawing near.

I have pre-admission testing on May 5th then surgery!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little surprised

I checked out the site I was more than surprised that the recipes were high in fat. I personally think 12g per serving is a little on the high end. Am I wrong? Is it different when you are banded? I mean, high protein foods tend to be higher in fat content. Don't they? I am so confused about the ins and outs of the high protein diet once I am banded. My mission this weekend is to find some books to give me perspective.

I have so many questions on diet once I am banded. I know there are phases so I have plenty of time before I am eating "real" foods again. The phases have me a little confused as well. I won't see my surgeon until a month after surgery so it is my call on when to transition into my phases. I will be treading into new territory. I mean how can I make a decision on something that I have never had done before? I am very apprehensive about that. What if I try something to soon? Will I be sick? I would rather be tortured than throw up.

One last thought... WHAT THE HECK IS SLIMING??? I hear references to it but no one ever says what is really is and what causes it. Anyone??

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this how it's going to be?

I have had my fill today of hurtful things said to me or about me regarding my weight or this surgery. Why can't people keep their opinions to themselves. I don't expect everyone to agree but I do expect some consideration that they will keep their negativity to themselves.

Apparently to my face they are so supportive and ask lots of questions like they are interested only to go behind my back and run me into the ground. Not only is it co-workers, friends but also family. I just don't understand.

This surgery is my personal decision for me not anyone else. Why are they making it about them?


Saturday, April 3, 2010

In a lull...

Well, nothing really going on lately. I am in a lull. The calm before the storm. When I thought I would be banded in April, I was really kicking it in high gear. I started replacing one mean a day with protein shakes, then I would replace two and then when it was time for my pre-op diet I would "seemlessly" transition into full shakes. Now that I am not being banded until May I have stopped the daily protein shakes. I still am paying particular attention to my eating and now choose more protein and low carbs. I gave up soft drinks a few weeks ago and am not starting that back. I drink about 2 Vitamin Water Zeros a day. I need to incorporate more liquids because I am feeling dehydrated. My skin is very dry and very itchy. I just hate the blah taste of plain water.

I started a group on It is called "Banded in Kentucky". I am encouraging anyone who is from Kentucky that is being banded or already has been to join for local support. I am also blogging on there but different thoughts.