Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not much to say...ok well maybe a little

As my last quick post from my cell stated, nothing going on. I am in the lull before the storm so to speak. I am two weeks and two days out from surgery. Time is winding down and I have lots to do. There is such a big changing coming that I feel the need to prepare. I just hope I am not overpreparing. Is that even possible? I wonder if I am making this more difficult then it should be. I guess that isn't possible when this kind of surgery is involved. My life will change forever IF I put forth the effort. I know of several people that had this surgery and lost a good chunk of weight then gained it back. I don't know them personally but I have seen them eat and after learning all I have, I know that they are breaking the rules.

If you plan to succeed then you need to put into it as much effort as you can. I would say that a 10" three topping pizza is not the right choice but I have seen a girl who had gastric bypass down one in one sitting. I have seen this same person eat three plates of food at a luncheon. Seriously, and she has gastric bypass. I just don't understand how you can eat like that after gastric bypass.

What's the point in doing such a drastic surgery if you are going to go back to eating habits like that? What is more scary is what if that is a reduced about of food compared to what she used to eat?

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