Saturday, April 3, 2010

In a lull...

Well, nothing really going on lately. I am in a lull. The calm before the storm. When I thought I would be banded in April, I was really kicking it in high gear. I started replacing one mean a day with protein shakes, then I would replace two and then when it was time for my pre-op diet I would "seemlessly" transition into full shakes. Now that I am not being banded until May I have stopped the daily protein shakes. I still am paying particular attention to my eating and now choose more protein and low carbs. I gave up soft drinks a few weeks ago and am not starting that back. I drink about 2 Vitamin Water Zeros a day. I need to incorporate more liquids because I am feeling dehydrated. My skin is very dry and very itchy. I just hate the blah taste of plain water.

I started a group on It is called "Banded in Kentucky". I am encouraging anyone who is from Kentucky that is being banded or already has been to join for local support. I am also blogging on there but different thoughts.


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