Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm a LOSER!!

Yep, there I have said it. I AM A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is actually a compliment to myself. Today was my 1st post op visit and 1st fill. I was nervous. Let's be honest, who wouldn't be afraid of someone sticking a LONG needle in your stomach?

Anyhoo, I get to the doctor's office and it is time for weigh in. I am down 14.7 lbs since surgery (May 12th) for a grand total to date of 33 lbs. I was so excited and so were they. My BP was down. 111 / 70. The best it has ever been. I haven't taken any meds for heartburn since surgery.

I had a long talk with Lori about my band, eating, symptoms, fills etc. It was very enlightening. So I learned that my doc doesn't put anything in the band during surgery so that it allows you to heal faster. He also has a very short liquid phase. He has found better success with his patients if he has them re-introduce foods slowly as soon as possible. He finds it leads to less cheating. Meaning when some are on the liquid phase they get so tired of the liquids they tend to start eating early. The problem is they probably have liquid in their band and that is the reason for the long liquid phase. GOD BLESS HIM FOR THAT!! I will take food/slow weight loss to liquids/faster weight loss anyday!

I am supposed to be eating a salad plate size meal. That is more food than I usually eat or even thought I could eat. 1200 calories a day. I should not be hungry more often than every 4 hours. Well that is not happening right now, I am hungry every 2-3 hours. 1st fill. It did not hurt at all. Didn't even feel it. We were chatting then she said she was done. Sweet! I sipped water and it felt a little stuck then she was saying "wait for it" and lo and behold my throat gurgled, a little burp and down the water went. I was on mushy foods all day. Tomorrow I can start eating all foods again.

I go back in 3 weeks for a follow up to see if I need another fill and to see how much weight I have lost. She said they would like to see me lose another 100 lbs in the next 3 years. Slow as you go weight loss. I will also see the nutritionist that day. She can help me with food choices and if I am just bored with my eating.

I am on the slow track to weight loss and boy does it feel good.



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