Tips of the Day--UPDATED 11/28/2011

11/28/2011  No cookies. Yeah I have always given myself whatever I want but NO MORE COOKIES. I am addicted to Golden Oreos.

****07/03/2011 WOW it's been a long time updating and guess what, I don't follow my own tips anymore. I wonder if maybe that is why I am having problems right now. Hmmm.....
Here's a tip, make sure to follow your own tips. Here's a few more: always eat breakfast. It's called Break Fast for a reason. I always make sure to eat something rib-sticking so I am not hungry too soon after. If I skip breakfast it ruins me for the whole day. Keep hydrated. I find when I am dehydrated my band is also tighter. Relax if possible. Stress is hitting me hard at meal time lately. Take it slow(not one I follow very well). Meals should not be in a hurry. But honestly, we usually are in a hurry. That is so not band-friendly!!

07/23/2010 Don't wait between meals
Never let a long time pass between meals. If I wait more than 4-5 hours everything, including mushies, get stuck and stuck HARD!!

06/18/2010 Stress Alternatives
Blogging is helpful. It is theraputic in a lot of ways. Keeping a mood diary can be beneficial. Be alert to what triggers your stress and keep alternative solutions on hand to deal with it. Healthy snacks available can keep the chocolate monster at bay.

06/15/2010 Journaling
Keep track of all you do whether it is what you eat, exercise or measurements. It can keep you accountable and it can also be a source of motivation and/or encouragement and it can give you ideas to pull from when you are struggling. You can look back on a week that you did well on and see what it is you exactly did.

06/11/10  Stock up for Work
If you have ever been at work and got hungry and there was nothing to eat but vending machine food then this is for you. I keep my desk stocked with a few essentials at all times. Let's face it, most vending machines have nothing that banders need. So, what to keep in your desk? Convenient protein sources that you like. Tuna, chicken, beenee weenees, vienna sausages, peanut butter. Things that in a pinch can help you keep on track. Soups of course are a staple as well. I keep no sweets in my desk at all. I keep Special K vitamin water in case I forget my water. I have not bought anything out of the vending machines in over 4 months. If you need crunch, take a look at pork rinds. Yes pork rinds. They have 8g of protein per serving. If it comes down to it, it is a better protein choice, IN MODERATION, than potato chips.

06/10/10  Insulated Lunch bag
At work, I eat every few hours. I keep my lunch bag on my desk with drinks and food so it is always on hand. I also keep it in my car if I plan on being out all day. I don't drink soft drinks(not supposed to anyway) and I don't drink plain water. I carry Vitamin Water zero. It has been extremely helpful.

06/06/10  Egg Poacher
The egg poacher at Bed, Bath & Beyond is only $3.99. It is fabulous. I was cooking eggs or egg beaters in a pan and my pans were crusted with eggs. I don't use non stick pans. I hate the black stuff flaking off over time so I have Belgique cookware. Stainless steel and boy do eggs get fused to the metal. I now cook a poached egg in the microwave. The poacher has a grill pan side that you can heat pre-cooked bacon or sausage on. It is a wise investment. If you cook it long enough it is like a hard boiled egg and you can break it up and add mix-ins for simple 1 min egg salad. Good for home and work.