Saturday, March 20, 2010

How it's going

Well, I see the surgeon on Thursday this week. I am both excited and apprehensive. I hope my surgery is soon. I know I will have to do some sort of diet but not sure what and for how long or how much weight I will need to lose before surgery. Right now I am just focusing on not gaining weight. I have heard that if I gain weight then it could delay my surgery. I think I have said that before.
I have been trying different proteins shakes and flavors to find some that I like so I have variety. Getting one with 27g of protein and is a meal replacement is impossible . Bariatric Advantage pre-mixed shakes are nasty so I am not even trying the tubs of mix. So far I have tried GNC's lean shake in swiss chocolate and it is very good but only 9g of protein. That's less than a Special K protein shake. I have to mix wheybolic with it and that adds calories. I am frustrated. I now have EAS protein mix and it has 42g of protein in two scoops. I am going to try just one scoop and see how that goes. I usually blend it with ice and a little skim milk. I throw in a banana with the chocolate. I have a few recipes and now that I have vanilla mix I am going to try some different ones. There is a lot more variety with vanilla. Adding an orange to it makes it a orange creamsicle. Adding pineapple and coconut extract makes it a pina colada. adding a scoop of chocolate mix and a tsp of peanut butter is another idea. I don't want too much of a chocolatey flavor.
I think right now I need ideas on ways to just lose some weight. I am replacing one meal a day with a shake. Usually breakfast since I can make it at home and take it to work with me. I will have to somehow think of ways to take it to work too. I keep meaning to get the unflavored protein so I can add it to broth to see what that tastes like so I can have hot "meals". When I drink the protein shakes in the morning around 9 am  I usually eat lunch around 1:30 or 2 pm.

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