Saturday, March 26, 2011

101 That's how it's done!!

Well I have hit a milestone! 101 lbs gone by the wayside!!

I am so excited about this. In 10 months I have lost 101 lbs to never be heard from again. This is something I would have never dreamed of a year ago. I owe all of this to my band. THANK YOU LAP BAND!!

I have discovered something about myself which I have mentioned before. I would not be able to do this without the band. I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever. When my band is loose so are my lips as I like to say. Even after 10 months I still fall back into the same habits instantly. In my opinion the band is perfect for someone who has portion control issues. I think my success is due in part to the fact that while I can eat and often choose to healthy foods I eat large quantities of those foods which everyone knows even a lot of a good thing can make it bad. I eat whatever I want and sometimes it is not a good thing but I eat a controlled portion. This is the key to my success. I still try to overeat but my band says "I don't think so" and I pay the price. I hate to admit this but when given the opportunity I will try to overeat again knowing full well the consequences that my band provides. So I DEFINITELY know without this band I will fail. It's a harsh reality but a reality none the less and one I am glad to have.

My life is so much more now. My social phobia is lessened considerably. I still get a little panicked and sometimes I just can't do it but for the most part I am able to overcome the feeling. That is huge for me. I am more outgoing I think and I am certainly more vocal about my surgery. I don't care who knows. I think my letting people know from the beginning was actually a good thing. At times I was hurt and pained by their responses but I think it drove me more to be successful. I wasn't only accountable to myself but in part to the people around me who knew and was watching what I did. I didn't want them to see me fail anymore than I wanted to fail. It was an extra incentive. I wasn't doing this for them so that is not what I am saying but I was doing it for my own satisfaction of knowing they see me succeed despite their at times crude comments. Now those same people are amazed at how far I have come. It feels good for people to come say I have lost weight and then ask me how. I tell them proudly, LAPBAND. Why lie? It's a fact and maybe someone they know or that person themselves may need to hear a success story with the band to help with a decision.

I know there are still those out there that think surgery is a cop out. The easy way out, well I am here to tell you there is nothing easy about lapband. At times it is the hardest thing I have ever done but very rewarding. I see and feel the direct result of the band. The best investment ever made.

I am thankful most to those that have helped me do this. Without each and every one of you I would not be where I am today. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dr Update

I went for my mammogram/ultrasound today. I have several very large cysts in both breasts. What she said was odd is that she can't feel them but the ultrasound shows them. She doesn't feel it is anything to be concerned about so I go back in 6 months to check it out again to monitor them. Good news I guess.

I was nervous about today and even after the appointment I got stuck eating. I have had problems all day and ended up getting sick big time. It was rough when it caused my stomach to cramp like it would if I had a stomach bug. Heave- Ho!! It was not pretty.

I am hoping for some good days so eating is not such an ordeal.

I came up with a new recipe that I will be posting soon. It is for Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. I LOVE them. Try them and I hope you like it.

More later on...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The weather in Kentucky is gorgeous right now! Okay, Monday we had sleet but the past few days 70+ degree weather. Today is cooler at 64 but sunny just the same.

It's weather that makes you want to get out and get moving. Today I promised my daughter she could ride her scooter so we are taking the dogs for a walk a little later on. Then I plan on grilling out and enjoy the day.

Turkey burgers are on the menu tonight. These are the most moist scrumptious burgers. I will just have mine on a bed of lettuce and I will slather on a wedge of laughing cow lite.

Mini Turkey Burgers

Serves 6 (banders) Form into 3 regular patties for normal servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes


1 lb ground turkey

1/4 c. chunky applesauce

1tbsp poultry seasoning

2 tbsp Maple syrup

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground pepper

1/4 c. shredded white cheddar (optional)


Mix all ingredients together just until blended. Don't overwork it.

Divide into 6 mini burgers

Spray skillet with cooking spray

Cook burgers about 5 min on each side or until cooked through

Serve immediately without bread for banders, with usual burger toppings or lite mayo. Another option is to mix some cranberry relish with mayo and serve as a sauce.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stress and the every day

Stress is an important factor in lap band do's and don'ts. Stress for whatever reason causes the band to be tighter and swallowing a chore as much as the eating is. What to do? No matter how careful I am the trials of life creep up and cause the most unlikely foods to cause problems.

Yesterday and today have been days of trial for me. I have had a lot of problems swallowing and I know it is because of the stress. Yesterday we found out my husband has an enlarged heart/aortic aneurysm. It's not surgery worthy at this point so that is the good news but I am still very worried none the less. Today I get a phone call from my GYN about my test results from my mammogram last week. She said that I have an area of density in the right one and several nodules with asymmetry in both. I have to go have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound done on Tuesday. As I am talking to the doctor's office my husband brings in the mail with a letter from them telling me this as well and also his labs that show he has high cholesterol which does not help his enlarged heart. Good news anyone?? Because of all of this I wasn't able to eat a meal. It kept getting stuck. I just need some good news so maybe I can eat today. I don't want to resort to liquids. I tried all my tricks for swallowing and still couldn't get anything to go down.

What's a person to do? You can't help what stress brings you? You can do what you can but in the end no matter what you do you can't help the stress.

I will follow up after my test on Tuesday. I am supposed to get the results on Tuesday. Wish me luck!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Eating is driving me crazy

So Tuesday nothing would stay down. It would get stuck and up it came. I had eggs for breakfast and up it came. After my doctor's appointment I was starving so I stopped at Taco Bell for a bean burrito. Two bites, up it came and came and came. I tried hot cider and up that came. I gave up for a while. I went shopping at Walmart and my stomach screamed with hunger pangs. I bought some rice pudding there and when I got home I ate that with no problems. I then went on to eat nacho casserole for dinner. No problems. Today I get up and eat my eggs, without issue. I get to work and my boss bought me breakfast from our fundraiser so I had pancakes, bacon and juice. I couldn't not eat it because she was thinking of me. I had one pancake, a couple strips of bacon, no problem. Dang that was a good pancake. There were three but I put the other two up. I figured one was plenty. Not a good sign. I ate all of this of between 8:15 am and 10 am. I ate white chili for lunch around 1:30 and even though my stomach was clearly full after half of it, I ate it all. I was full but not prairie dogging. Meaning my food would be close to popping back up. I then ate rice pudding about 3 hours later. I ate nothing for dinner because I was not hungry. I am not looking forward to seeing the scale for this one.

Back to my doctor appointment, I went in for my annual and for my 1st mammogram since I am now 40. Generally, when you lose a lot of weight your periods slow or stop all together according to my GYN. Not so in my case. I am looking at 2-4 a month and they have gotten worse since the surgery. I had the ablation in 2009 and it didn't work. I have a blood clotting disorder called APS and because of this I can't take any birth control or estrogen to try and regulate it. The only option left is a hysterectomy but that would be elective since it is not necessary. It basically boils down to what I can tolerate. Once the multiple periods a month cause me to not be able to function in life normally then it would be a necessity. Right now it is just a royal pain! I have had issues with PMS and she gave me a prescription for that to take as needed when I feel the symptoms coming on. Other than that, all is good as far as I know. I haven't gotten the results yet.

Well, it is truly is a crapshoot as to whether or not I get stuck. Yesterday, no problems. I ate reasonably. I had eggs for breakfast, yes I have them everyday. I had a chicken wing, I saved the breast, and carrot souffle for lunch. I ate rice pudding, my new addiction, for a light snack. I had my leftover chicken breast on a salad for dinner. That was the extent of my meals yesterday. Nothing got stuck. I didn't overeat. Go figure.

The scale is still sitting the same. No loss, no gain.

I haven't done the Zumba Wii since Sunday. I miss it. I work each night until 8pm and when I get home it is time to spend with my kids before they go to bed. Right now I can only do this on the weekends it seems. Hey, that is better than nothing. I am off today so I plan do the Wii once my son goes to work. I just can't do that with someone around.  The game scores points on how well you keep up with the moves and energy levels. I plan to beat my score today!!

Here's a weird thing.  I can now feel my port under my skin. Not that I am skinny there it's just now more prominent and I am paranoid about damaging it. Before it was safe under the layers of fat now not so much. I also don't do any abdominal exercises because it causes discomfort there and again I am paranoid. I paid cash for my surgery so if anything goes wrong I have to pay out of pocket to fix it so naturally I don't over do it and maybe that is why I hardly do anything at all because I am scared I will mess something up with my band. Any thoughts on that?

Have a great one!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

To eat or not to eat...

Well, since my last fill, I have had my share of ups and downs, literally. It seems every day I am tight when I eat. Some days, if I wait it out, it goes down. Others, it comes up. This happens at every single meal. I could be eating something like mashed potatoes and there is a 50/50 chance it will be tight.

I have no idea why this is. I don't need fluid taken because it isn't that kind of tightness. Sometimes I can walk around and gravity helps it go down but sometimes the walking around makes it come up. I just go with the flow and I keep trying to eat until something stays down. No matter what I still choose foods that are good for me rather than copping out and eating something soft and sinful just because it goes down easy. Nothing in life is every easy so why should I give in to this?

I eat something, feel tightness, and I wait it out. I get up walk around or I sit there and relax. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't on the first try. The key is I try and continue to try until it goes down. Otherwise I sit there with my stomach growling. Today I am trying something different. I tend to not eat anything for hours and hours. I may need to eat a light snack to keep my throat from tightening up or maybe a hot liquid.  I am going to see if that helps at all.

All in all, it's all good. I am still very happy with my decision to have this surgery. Each day reminds me how lucky I am to have it. I am not the least bit sorry even when I am stuck and heaving it up. It is what it is. It is my life now. My oldest daughter thinks I have an eating disorder since I throw up at times. I told her it's not that kind of throwing up. I don't throw up my food just slime, usually the food stays there other than what is stuck. She thinks the band has caused an eating disorder. I guess I can see how that might be misconstrued as that. I am not throwing up to get rid of what I ate but what is stuck. I will continue to eat until it is kept down. That is the difference I think.

My sizes are going down, down, down. I am down to a size 20 from a tight 28/30 in pants. Shirts I wear a 22/2x down from a 32 or 5x and that is because my arms are still so big due to skin and also my midsection, due to skin. I have gone through all of my small clothes and now shop regularly. There is a JCPenney outlet here and I go there once a week to check out what they have. They carry all sorts of overstocks from stores other than JCP. I find Lane Bryant there a lot for pennies compared to the store, which I don't shop at anylonger. I shop at Old Navy and JCP outlet pretty much. It's nice to buy a shirt for $6.99 versus the same shirt at Lane Bryant for $34.50. Talk about a markup!!

I went out and bought Zumba for the Wii on Friday. WOW!! Can I just say it kicked my ass? It isn't like a DVD, its more like animation shadows. As you move it turns green showing you are keeping up with the level of activity. I really don't think I looked like anything zumba-ish but things moved and jiggled the whole time. I was only able to do about 5 minutes of the 1st 20 minute beginner one. I was really sore within an hour after that. That night I hurt in places I didn't think I could. Can you get charlie horses in your butt cheeks? Just sayin, it was a real possibility cause they were hurting BAD!! I skipped yesterday. I didn't want to tempt fate again. I am going to do it today. Wish me luck! I think I am either taking some ibuprofen before I start or right after. When I did aerobics I took it before and it helped with the soreness.

It's 7:46am here so I am getting ready to eat breakfast, I always do within an hour or so of getting up. Sometime mid-morning I have a date with the Wii....Be gentle my Zumba friend.