Friday, March 11, 2011

Eating is driving me crazy

So Tuesday nothing would stay down. It would get stuck and up it came. I had eggs for breakfast and up it came. After my doctor's appointment I was starving so I stopped at Taco Bell for a bean burrito. Two bites, up it came and came and came. I tried hot cider and up that came. I gave up for a while. I went shopping at Walmart and my stomach screamed with hunger pangs. I bought some rice pudding there and when I got home I ate that with no problems. I then went on to eat nacho casserole for dinner. No problems. Today I get up and eat my eggs, without issue. I get to work and my boss bought me breakfast from our fundraiser so I had pancakes, bacon and juice. I couldn't not eat it because she was thinking of me. I had one pancake, a couple strips of bacon, no problem. Dang that was a good pancake. There were three but I put the other two up. I figured one was plenty. Not a good sign. I ate all of this of between 8:15 am and 10 am. I ate white chili for lunch around 1:30 and even though my stomach was clearly full after half of it, I ate it all. I was full but not prairie dogging. Meaning my food would be close to popping back up. I then ate rice pudding about 3 hours later. I ate nothing for dinner because I was not hungry. I am not looking forward to seeing the scale for this one.

Back to my doctor appointment, I went in for my annual and for my 1st mammogram since I am now 40. Generally, when you lose a lot of weight your periods slow or stop all together according to my GYN. Not so in my case. I am looking at 2-4 a month and they have gotten worse since the surgery. I had the ablation in 2009 and it didn't work. I have a blood clotting disorder called APS and because of this I can't take any birth control or estrogen to try and regulate it. The only option left is a hysterectomy but that would be elective since it is not necessary. It basically boils down to what I can tolerate. Once the multiple periods a month cause me to not be able to function in life normally then it would be a necessity. Right now it is just a royal pain! I have had issues with PMS and she gave me a prescription for that to take as needed when I feel the symptoms coming on. Other than that, all is good as far as I know. I haven't gotten the results yet.

Well, it is truly is a crapshoot as to whether or not I get stuck. Yesterday, no problems. I ate reasonably. I had eggs for breakfast, yes I have them everyday. I had a chicken wing, I saved the breast, and carrot souffle for lunch. I ate rice pudding, my new addiction, for a light snack. I had my leftover chicken breast on a salad for dinner. That was the extent of my meals yesterday. Nothing got stuck. I didn't overeat. Go figure.

The scale is still sitting the same. No loss, no gain.

I haven't done the Zumba Wii since Sunday. I miss it. I work each night until 8pm and when I get home it is time to spend with my kids before they go to bed. Right now I can only do this on the weekends it seems. Hey, that is better than nothing. I am off today so I plan do the Wii once my son goes to work. I just can't do that with someone around.  The game scores points on how well you keep up with the moves and energy levels. I plan to beat my score today!!

Here's a weird thing.  I can now feel my port under my skin. Not that I am skinny there it's just now more prominent and I am paranoid about damaging it. Before it was safe under the layers of fat now not so much. I also don't do any abdominal exercises because it causes discomfort there and again I am paranoid. I paid cash for my surgery so if anything goes wrong I have to pay out of pocket to fix it so naturally I don't over do it and maybe that is why I hardly do anything at all because I am scared I will mess something up with my band. Any thoughts on that?

Have a great one!

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