Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, a new beginning?

I hope everybody rang in the New Year responsibly, especially those with WLS. Ending the year on a who-gives-a-crap mentality calls for "A New Beginning". Show of hands, who had that mentality last night as they partied? My hand goes up except for the partying part.

As you know, I had the un-fill and it was my undoing yesterday. I was good until around 5pm until 1am. I had my eggs for breakfast, good girl. I had a 6" sub from Subway (yes I got it with salt/pepper and yes I swelled right up, dang it, I love it that way and I am paying for it.). I went to the grocery and got stuff for our private, just me hubby and the kids celebration. I made ham ranch rollups & green chili rollups. Both not bad at all and a good source of protein. Put them in the fridge to chill. Made taco dip for hubby. Again not bad either. Made taco fixins, queso with beef and that was it. I had ice cream for our annual tradition of ice cream floats at midnight. All was good except how many times I went back for ALL of it, all before we ever had our ice cream floats. I ate and ate and at one point my stomach was so full all I could think of was throwing up to relieve the pressure. I didn't though because then I probably would have eaten again because I had room. It was a sad cycle. We finally had floats and I broke my cardinal rule of no soft drinks however it was diluted with ice cream and had no carbonation left. I had a headache when I finally crawled into bed and rightly so.

This morning I wake up still feeling bloated, fingers fat, ankles puffy, face feeling swelled and get on the scale. Now to make you understand, I am not a scale whore. I don't get on it daily as a weight obsession. More of a swelling obsession. I have had problems with edema(swelling in hands/legs/feet) for years. I could go up 10lbs in a day in water retention and get up the next morning, after peeing all night, and be down most if not all of that 10lbs. Thus it was a way to figure out what I had the day before that was causing the weight/water gain. So, back to the scale, I get on it this morning, New Year's Day and I am up 11 lbs! OMG!!!!

So Happy New Year to me and my New Beginning...Again.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?
1. get this water weight off
2. cut back all foods that cause water retention
3. Carefully watch my food intake while I am on the track to a re-fill
4. Exercise
5. Choose a goal weight, finally, and get to at least half of the distance to the goal this year.
6. Don't beat myself up for mistakes, they happen. Learn from them and move forward.
7. Did I mention exercise? yeah it has to be on here twice because I am sure to break that resolution. Maybe #8-#1000 needs to be exercise. I hate it. I don't stick with it and never feel guilty about it. I don't know why I can't find something I actually like and can stick with it.  I have tried a little of everything but a lot of nothing.

You know that's the thing about new days, it is always a new beginning. No matter how bad the day before was, each morning brings a new beginning if you need it. Sometimes I need it.

So, I start my New Year with 1cc in my band. I can eat everything that isn't nailed down and will. I need time for my band/stomach to heal so I won't get a fill right now. So I have a few weeks until I get a fill and with the recent problems she isn't putting in more than 1/2 cc at a time. It will be slow going.

Happy New Year Everyone, may you be richly blessed.


FitBy40 said...

man, my rings were a little tight this morning and I figured it was water retention, but 11 pounds is CRAZY water!
WOW. I guess you'll be spending the next couple of days flushing out the system, huh?
Happy New Year!

Angie said...

I swell so bad because I don't drink much in the way of fluids. Since my diabetes is under control I don't get thirsty often. This causes the HIGH water retention. So bad my feet feel like they are going to split open. Thinking back yesterday I didn't even drink one full 20 oz bottle of water the entire day. I did have an ice cream float but didn't have anything else to drink all day. So throw in the sodium laden foods I was eating and well, it's off the charts. Now after a day of not being thirsty, this morning I am very thirsty so usually I will drink alot today and flush it out. I have a hard time drinking fluids if I am not actually thirsty.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year! I know you will reach your goals and get that water weight off soon.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh honey - I hope the next few weeks go easily for you before you can get a fill. You are worth this and so much more!

Angie said...

Thanks Everyone!! Here's to a new day and a new year. I may give in from time to time, as long I never give up