Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Got an itty bitty teenie weenie, little fill

I went yesterday for my fill. I hadn't realized how depressed I was until Maria looked at me and I just lost it. Tears flowed. She wanted to put .5cc, I wanted 2cc. We compromised at 1cc. This was the first time that she was able to access my port with minimal tries and less pain. I go back in 4 weeks. If I tolerate this fill well then we might get crazy and get 1.5cc next time. Oh and only if I have lost about 8-10 lbs too. She also told me again to go on an all liquid replacement meal diet. Umm...no. I didn't get lapband to drink shakes for all meals. Anyone would lose weight if all they had were meal replacement shakes. That's a no brainer and not for me no matter how desperate I am to lose the gained weight. My official weight gain was 15lbs.

Well, the question is, do I feel a difference? Kinda. I have a feeling I might be getting full then I stop and it goes away and my hunger pains start again. I can still eat bread. Not good. I did get a hamburger today with all the fixins on it. It was a junior burger so it was small. I ate the whole thing. A few hours later I ate 1/2 cup of chili. Dinner was 3 meatballs with spaghetti sauce (meatballs cooked in spaghetti sauce in the crockpot). Breakfast was an egg. Considerably less than usual since I was eating 3-4 times that amount.

I added a recipe for Asian Lettuce Wraps. OMG it is delish and super easy to make. Reheats really well. Check my recipes page.


FitBy40 said...

was she saying to go on liquids post-fill for a day or two, or for 3 weeks!?
My doc suggests liquids only the day of the fill, if not the day after.
Good luck with it!

Angie said...

No, post fill is only mushies for 24 hrs and avoid meats, pasta and bread for those 24 hrs. She wanted me to go on a liquid diet for a few weeks to lose the weight I had gained. I don't agree with that. It will come off I suppose as my band restriction comes back with subsequent fills. I refuse to bow down to liquid diets to lose weight. What is the point if I have the lap band?