Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sad Reality

Since my unfill, my weight is going back up. Yes I was swelling and still am very swollen which has never stayed this long. Probably due to the fact I have been eating not so good for you foods. Namely BREAD.  I have missed bread and since I have found out I can eat bread I am eating it all the time and with all the "good" foods that can go on bread.

My swelling is in my feet, legs, hands and it effects my breathing. Walking a short distance in the parking lot at school causes heavy breathing, something I haven't done in over a year.

I know I don't have any willpower at all. Having this unfill, if nothing else has shown me that I truly have no willpower. It affirms my decision for lap band and oh how I miss my lapband. I don't like not having restriction of any kind. I don't have any stopping point.

I am up a total of 13 lbs. The only positive thing I have done is not drink soft drinks. Oh the negative things I have done are too many to list.

I go in for a fill on the 16th. I hate to think how much I will be up by then.


FitBy40 said...

oh I feel ya' on the bread! I made mini pizzas for the kids today with home made sauce and it smelled so good. I told my hubby that if I didn't have a band I would just eat warm bread dipped in the sauce for dinner, and lots of it!
Good luck with the fill. I hope it's just what you need.

Angie said...

It will only be a small fill each time so I have a feeling it won't do much of anything for me for quite some time. Bread and pasta are my weaknesses and right now they are winning.