Monday, January 9, 2012

New App for my phone

I have an android phone and have recently downloaded the "Lose It" app. I really like it and highly recommend it. You can set it to record the details you want to know. You set your daily caloric intake and other areas you want to track. For me it is protein and fat, not that I pay too much attention to fat when I focus on protein. Pretty handy. You also log your weight and it keeps a chart for you.

Well, I am hanging in there. Still gaining, still swollen, still worried of what I will put on before my next fill.

Now for some positive. I don't do vegetables usually with my previous fill because there was no room after protein. Not so much an issue right now however, I have found a replacement that allows me to get fruits and veggies in. V8 fusion, Strawberry/banana. Tasty and it's fluids. I have at least one a day as it is a serving of fruit and a serving of veggies in each little can.

In addition to that I have found a cereal with 10g protein that is pretty good. Special K protein cereal. A bowl of cereal and 1/2c milk is 18g protein. That's more protein and less fat than my usual breakfast of egg, laughing cow cheese and bacon. Now, is it more filling?? The jury is still out. Of course, I also have my Nature Valley Protein bar, 10g protein. Which by the way is hard to find. I can only speculate that since it isn't even listed on their website that is a test market. If I could find it again I would buy several boxes.

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