Monday, January 10, 2011


Well I am more than peeved. My employer had made us take a urine test a few years ago to prove we are non smokers in order to get discounted insurance. This year they are making us go to the doctor and get a form filled out and fax it to a health management company in order to keep the discounted rates. Before this year the rates weren't a big difference. This year, the discounted rates saves me around $800 a year. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Here's the problem, the health management company is harrassing and frankly, my health is between me and my doctor. This company calls multiple times per day leaving rude messages when I don't call back. They do this to everyone.

The second problem is the form asks for height, weight, cholesterol, and glucose readings. My employer claims that this will be kept confidential with the health management company and neither my employer nor my health insureance will get access to it. I don't believe that at all. I think at the very least the health management company will compile stats on the company health and the company will use this to target more health issues next year to charge higher rates like they do for smokers.

Third, my doctor was a screw up today. First I made the appointment for Friday because the doctor refused to just fill out the paper. They only needed the results from ANY appointment in the last 12 months not an actual physical. Then they changed my appointment to Monday because they said the doctor wanted 30 min with me. I go in today and waited in the waiting room for 30 min. I was the only one in there. Then I get called back and they apologize saying they are backed up. I said really? because there is no one here. They said it would be a few minutes. Then 45 min later the doctor comes in and stays for all of 5 min. She didn't want to fill out the form and in the end marked all the boxes for the health management company to call me to discuss issues. SERIOUSLY just ruin my life why don't you? So the 30 min appt lasted 5 min but I waited for a hour and a half. REALLY TICKED OFF. What really got me was my doctor said my weight was high and we needed to address that. I said you are kidding right? Since when is 90 lb weight loss not enough? She completely forgot and didn't even bother to read my chart and blew my disgust off like it was nothing. Then she noted my BP was high. Again she doesn't understand. I said well I assume it's high because I am pissed off. She then left the room. What a freakin waste of my time.


Sarah G said...

OMG I would be LIVID! What a nightmare all the way around!

Ronda said...

That's crazy! I think I would have left after 20 minutes and told them to call me to reschedule. You're more patient than I am! Does this doc even know you? Craziness!

Angie said...

I have been going to this doctor for more than a year, she was the one to suggest lap band. I have NEVER had this issue and the only reason I stayed is because this paper had to be filled out and faxed to the health management company by today otherwise I would have left.