Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things are picking up

You know I go through this slump where I am not losing, but gain a little. Then I lose a bit and gain a bit. Clothes don't fit then they do. I am like, what's up with that??

I am on a downward spiral. It's a good thing though. Overall, I am still losing weight. That's the good part.

I was reading someone's blog, I can't remember who, and they mentioned their height, that they had grown. A light bulb went off because I had always been 5' 8" but a few years ago I was measured at 5' 6". I was like what the heck?? So I measured myself again. I am now 5' 7". I guess with the weight on it was literally "weighing me down".

I went clothes shopping yesterday. I actually enjoy it because I can go to regular stores and buy off the rack now. I had bought some pants a size smaller and they fit but after an hour or so they stretched out and were too big. So my boss said I should buy them another size smaller if there is stretch in them and then by the time they stretch out they will fit perfect. So I dd. I got "Flirt" skinny jeans in a size smaller than before. They are snug in the legs but fit in the waist. I am SOOOOOO excited. The pants usually are HUGE in the legs and hips. I can't wait to wear them out. I am saving so much money on clothes since I don't have to go to specialty stores for my clothes and I actually enjoy going shopping.

Here's a tip I highly recommend. I have always had big hips and legs. Thunder thighs is what I was called. I started wearing AVIA Toner Shoes. I LOVE THEM!!! I think they are the reason I have lost inches and inches from my legs, hips and calves. I know this because when the weather has been snowy I wore my snow boots for about 2 weeks and I noticed my legs and hips were flabbier and bigger. Before they were tight when I was wearing the shoes. Whether it's AVIA or some other, it sure couldn't hurt.

Now, about my new hair do. YIKES!! I am beginning to think I looked like a toad because people are coming out of the woodwork literally to compliment me on my hair cut, hair color and even my eyes. I have had them ask if I was wearing new make up or they said I was lining my eyes now because they just pop out. Nope I tell them same make up, always lined my eyes. I did have my eyebrows waxed.  They love the color and the cut. Lots of people I don't even talk to are coming up to me at work. Yes it had been 4 months since my last hair cut/color/eyebrow wax. I am thinking I shouldn't wait so long anymore. What gets me is some come to me more than once to tell me they love my hair and eyes. It's a really good feeling but at the same time, dang I must have let myself go really bad for it to be this much of a difference.

Here's to the "new" me...

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