Sunday, November 7, 2010

Continuing on...

I am really glad I didn't get a fill. My heartburn is clearing up but I am starting to get stuck more often. Not stuck bad but just enough to make me uncomfortable and have to stop eating.

I am thinking about starting ZUMBA. I don't know if I should sign up for a class or get the DVD to do at home. I am thinking at home. I just need the motivation to actually do it and stick to it. I have not been exercising like a should. I have the recumbent bike and hardly use it. I am hanging clothes on it right now. I keep using the excuse that I will use it in the mornings after I get the kids off but I don't. I reason that I am running late for work. I tell myself I will use it once I get my "exercise room" painted and rearranged. That hasn't happened yet. I have a treadmill in the room. I also have an elliptical in the basement and a recumbent bike in my living room. What can I possibly do to motivate myself to do this? I also have Wii Fit and I don't use that. I know I am just lazy when it comes to exercise. That and after I exercise I fall asleep. No kidding. I don't think I get enough oxygen when I am exercising and when I am done I get really lethargic and lay down and go to sleep. Any one had any ideas on what I can do to get my butt motivated to stick with something? I know...find something you love. Well I don't like ANY form of exercise. Again it ALL makes me sleepy. It's almost like a downer for me.

Let me know what you all think.

Made a meatloaf casserole this week. It was delish. Probably not the best thing for banders but it didn't get stuck. I am not a bander who eats light minimal meals. I eat a salad plate size serving at every meal just about. Meatload casserole is a meatloaf on the bottom then layer of mashed potatoes. You can throw in a layer of vegetable if you want. I just put the veggie on the side. Very good. Check my recipe section.

One thing about the band is that I control it, it does not control me. Meaning...I eat regular foods just smaller portions. I will generally try to make everything with lower fat/calorie ingredients whenever possible. I want my life to be just that. MY LIFE. The band controls some aspects like what foods get stuck and how much I eat but for the most part I eat whatever I like. Just like with any diet, if I want it I need to go ahead and have it otherwise I will break down and have it later in a larger portion.

I am going mexican/southwestern for my food choices this week. I am making nacho casserole and southwestern Chicken for the week so that I have lunch and food when the family eats things I can't have, such as pork chops. My husband wants chops. Chops no matter what get stuck unless they are baked in a gravy. He also wants pot roast. That I can't have no matter what. Not going down that route again. So not worth it. I will eat the cooked veggies though. Planning ahead and putting the food in potioned containers helps.

Please let me know any casserole ideas you have and any exercise ideas you have.


FitBy40 said...

Do you have a crock pot? I have an easy and delicious chicken crock pot recipe that is loaded with veggies and very band friendly. My husband even loves it and asks for more! It's supposed to be served over pasta but I just eat it like a stew, no pasta.
Let me know if you want it.

Angie said...

Yes I do a lot of crock pot cooking. Please share. Thanks!!