Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Well this was a very interesting day. I am SOOOOO glad I didn't get the fill a few weeks ago. I cooked up a storm. I made green beans, macaroni and cheese, pineapple casserole and spinach Waldorf salad with apple cinnamon dressing. We took it all over to my Mom's. There we were greeted with Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, carrot souffle, rolls, another salad, egg nog, soft drinks, sweet tea, hot chocolate and THREE pies along with cookies, oh and piggies. Yes piggies. They are a meat mixture that has rice and seasonings wrapped in cabbage leaf and cooked in sauerkraut. It's German and absolutely delish!! We had large plates and salad size plates. I chose the smaller plate my kids were using. I was very good. It was nice spending time with the family. A little sad that some family thinks we are there to wait on them hand and foot. Seriously, get off your keister and help clean up for once. No dice. Same as last year. Oh well.

I had 1 slice of turkey, 1/2 a piggie, a tablespoon of mac n cheese, a tablespoon of pineapple casserole and spinach Waldorf salad. I drank vitamin water zero. This was around noon. I didn't eat anything else and I wasn't hungry. That all changed when I got home around 7pm and was ravenous. I heated up some meat spaghetti I made yesterday and once again am satisfied.

Tomorrow I am making a ham. I made extras of the food I made for Thanksgiving so we have all our sides tomorrow for our usual Black Friday tradition.

I have been taking my Biotin daily. Some days it seems to be working and I have less hair falling out and other days it's like I am going bald. I started using John Frieda's Voluminous hair creme. I really like it and it makes my hair look thick without a heavy greasy look and feel.

I also started taking Vitamin D supplement. D3 to be exact. A few months back I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency. I took the prescription supplement of 50000IU a week. I noticed that my stomach was getting flatter and not as flabby also my bone and joint pain went away and my doctor said I had arthritis in my knees but nothing about a deficiency. When I stopped taking the supplement after 12 weeks I noticed after a few weeks my bones and joints started hurting again and my stomach become more pronounced. I had the muffin top back. Well mine is more of a pop over tummy. I had the thought about Vitamin D. Then came the news stories about Vitamin D and it's connection with losing belly fat and weight. So I am now taking D3 as a supplement again. I am taking 5000IU per day. I am hoping this helps me. I will keep you updated.

Ok...enough for now. I have a splitting headache so I am off to get some rest.

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