Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little surprised

I checked out the site I was more than surprised that the recipes were high in fat. I personally think 12g per serving is a little on the high end. Am I wrong? Is it different when you are banded? I mean, high protein foods tend to be higher in fat content. Don't they? I am so confused about the ins and outs of the high protein diet once I am banded. My mission this weekend is to find some books to give me perspective.

I have so many questions on diet once I am banded. I know there are phases so I have plenty of time before I am eating "real" foods again. The phases have me a little confused as well. I won't see my surgeon until a month after surgery so it is my call on when to transition into my phases. I will be treading into new territory. I mean how can I make a decision on something that I have never had done before? I am very apprehensive about that. What if I try something to soon? Will I be sick? I would rather be tortured than throw up.

One last thought... WHAT THE HECK IS SLIMING??? I hear references to it but no one ever says what is really is and what causes it. Anyone??

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