Sunday, May 23, 2010

A learning process

Each day I am learning new things about my band and I have also learned that it continues to be a struggle. I have gotten the typical: "you took the easy way out" or " you are just lazy because you aren't doing the hard work to lose weight". I have news for each and every one of you. THIS IS HARD WORK!!

People seem to think that anyone who has WLS is just taking the easy road. There is nothing easy in this. First, you have to have to courage to through a life altering surgery electively. Then endure pain, discomfort and in some cases being very sick just to get to a point where then the hard work begins.

Portion control is still priority. We must pick quality high protein foods and they must be band friendly. We must still maintain a certain caloric intake. Exercise is a must not a choice. And...if you don't follow the rules then the consequences are high. Right now "normal" people can pig out, unbutton their pants for room and live life to the fullest. WLS surgery patients pig out and spend quality time getting to know the toilet bowl at the nearest restroom. There is no amount of pants unbuttoning that could save you. The fact that beyond getting sick it can do damage to your stomach pouch and band which can be costly.

Ok, back to point. Learning. I learned something new about my stomach. It doesn't tell me when I am full until 30-60 minutes AFTER I am done eating and I do eat slow. That's a problem. I don't know I am full until it is too late soooo I will need to measure out and stick with that measure. No eating out of the pot, bowl or or full container. Only eat out of my little portion containers. Without restriction, I have to modify my thinking right now. I won't begin to have restriction until after my fills so this is a waiting game. Yesterday, I had a fairly good food day. An egg w/laughing cow wedge for breakfast. 2 tamales for lunch. I spread dinner out. I had a broccoli casserole of sorts then my hubby and I went to Bingo. Now, we have not been out since before surgery so this was my mini test. This bingo allows you to bring in your own food. Yeah that is sweet, so this is one place I can go and stay on track. I brought a container of homemade potato salad and a vienna sausage for protein. BUT...I thought I would try something off the menu. I got a bowl of chili. I had maybe a quarter of it. Not bad, and for the first time I only spent $1.50 to eat. By the way, I never did eat the food I brought.

I am taking it one day at a time. Each new day brings new challenges and new hope. Make the most of it.

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