Monday, May 17, 2010

A lovely Band day

I had a nice day today. No issues. Got to drive today for the first time since surgery. Went to the bookstore and bought "Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery". It has quite a few lap band recipes. I am looking forward to trying them out on the family.

I have a a couple more days at home then I probably won't blog as often, or maybe I will. Who knows. I fully expect to wore out after my first day back to work. Fortunately I only work 1 day then I am off again for three.

I ate the usual today. Yogurt, egg salad, applesauce, refried beans. I feel perfectly full right now. It amazes me how filled up one can get on a few tablespoons. I haven't been watching calories at all. I probably haven't had more than a few hundred calories a day since surgery. I know with time it will increase somewhat. I remember eating thousands of calories a day and still being hungry. They say your stomach is the size of a football. Mine was probably the size of a small country. I could really put it away. Now I literally put it away as in out of sight because I can't eat it all.

I have had people ask me what it is like. They just don't understand how the band works. I tell them it is like an hourglass. In my "hourglass" the top part is small and the bottom is bigger. The top is full when I eat and it slowly digests and filters down into the larger part. Once the top is empty it is time to eat again. As I lose weight the skinny part between the two halves loosens up and the top part can filter through a lot faster than before so I get a fill and it once again becomes the perfect hourglass.

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