Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday was not a Fun-day

I had a lot more downs then ups today. I slept in this morning and got up and knew I had not eaten in a long time so I tried to eat some yogurt. It just didn't sit well this morning. I don't know if it was because I really wasn't hungry yet or what. Then later in the afternoon it felt like something was blocking my throat and wouldn't let anything pass but yet I could drink water. It was just a weird feeling. I wasn't nauseated. I didn't feel like I was going to be sick. Then all of sudden I just felt the need to get to a bathroom. Again no nausea or feeling like I was going to hurl. I get there and immediate dry heave three times and only split a miniscule phlegm. I felt freed up and my throat no longer felt blocked. Weird since I hadn't eaten anything prior to this.

I felt so hungry all day. Each time I ate 2 oz I felt like I could eat twice as much more. I was able to wear pants that were not elastic so I assume the swelling once again is down. That may explain why I am so hungry. I had been told that as the swelling goes down my hunger will increase. Some people don't and they are comfortably restricted and others are not. I guess I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

I probably could have returned to work tomorrow but I am off until Thursday and then I am off again on Friday which is my usual off day. Might as well take advantage of the time to off to plan my 1st day back to work. I need to get to know this new "friend" better. I sit at a desk all day and rarely get up other than to heat up my lunch if needed or go to the bathroom. I work four 10 hour days so it will be a very long day. I will have to eat on a schedule and also schedule time to get up and just walk around. I think I will walk to the farther breakroom to get ice just so I can stretch my legs and also start using the bathroom at the farther end again to stretch my legs. My biggest problem is the coughing that I get when I talk to much. I think my lungs still are not expanding as much as they should.

Tomorrow will be the 1st day I can drive since the surgery. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH...sorry I just sneezed three times in a row and MAN DID THAT HURT. Wait...followed by several coughs. Whew, I just took some allergy medicine. I hope it kicks in before my next coughing bout.
I plan to take a trip to the bookstore to see what is good for recipes for WLS and also a quick trip to the grocery to stock up on some things for work.

Another day gone...

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