Friday, May 21, 2010

No restriction

Well yesterday I went back to work and noticed I didn't have much restriction. I was hungry a lot and only brought with me 2-3 oz servings and only 4 meals. I had yogurt, ham salad, a tamale, and green beans with cottage cheese. All day nothing made me feel full until I ate the green beans w/cottage cheese. Yeah I know that really sounds gross but it was actually DELISH! I had gotten green beans at a local restaurant and they were super peppery. Now normally I love my pepper but since surgery I am super sensitive to it and a little for me now overpowers the dish and that is all I taste. So anyway, these beans were good but really peppery. So  I was eating them and they were strong and I thought hmmm what if I ate a bite of cottage cheese? It was the best thing to me. I ate a little snack pack of cottage cheese and 2 oz of green beans. For the 1st time that day I was full. I ate it at 6pm and  was full the rest of the night. That too was a first. This morning I get up and I am way hungry. I fixed a little breakfast casserole. Hashbrowns, egg beaters, turkey sausage and a wedge of lite laughing cow cheese. I made two servings of it. I ate nearly all of it, both servings and was full but not stuffed. So that tells me I can eat more? Not a good thing. I think. Then I wonder okay I am at some point supposed to be eating 1250 calories a day now how am I supposed to that if I don't eat more? If I stay at say 3 oz then how am I going to get in 1250 calories in a day? I would have to eat high calorie stuff and that isn't good so I am really confused now. I go to the doctor for my first follow up on June 10th. This is going to be a battle I can see already.

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