Saturday, March 13, 2010

It has been a while...

Not a whole lot has happened lately. I had some pre-op testing. This week I had a PET scan/stress test. That scared me. I was not fond of having them artificially stimulate my heart while I am encased in a tube. My heart was racing and I couldn't do anything but lay there with my arms above my head and stare at the ceiling while the rest of my body was squeezed inside the tube of the PET scanner. My head felt pumped up with pressure and my face was feeling numbness. As soon as it was over they made me sit straight up and then the room began to swim and I was nauseous. I was made to walk down the hall to my room and sit in a chair. They gave me a coke and said to drink it and they would check in on me. A full minute later the cardiologist popped his head in and asked if I was ready to go. I told him my head hurt and I felt sick. He said the coke would work but if not they had medicine. He would check back in a few minutes. A minute later the nurse popped in and asked if I was ready to go of if my head still hurt. I said it did. Okay we will give you a few more minutes. A minute later another nurse popped in and this time I said I want to go. GEEZ!! Talk about rushing me out of there. It was several hours later that I felt normal. I guess the cardiologist gave me the okay since they shoved me out of there so fast. Next is the chest xray and EKG. Then the surgeon's consultation. After that the surgery will be scheduled.
I can't help but think...what I am getting myself into??

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