Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Weeks and counting down...

It has been about two weeks since my last fill. I am still VERY tight. This is a first ever. Usually after one week I have loosened up. Not so this time around. I am losing about a half pound a day. I'm not hungry between meals but when I am hungry I am so tight I can eat very little. I am lucky if I eat a cup of food. I am bound and determined to not get into the habit of eating mushies just because it goes down easier. I think that will cause me to start eating too much.

My day today, food-wise:
2 scrambled eggs w/1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Homemade vegetable beef soup 3/4 c

Spaghetti with meat sauce 1 cup

I of course drink Vitamin Water zero throughout the day.

I have continued with the D3 and Biotin. I think it is making a difference. I feel my stomach is flatter and that may be why my weight is continuing to go down. I will definitely keep it in stock. It sure can't hurt.

Well I am cutting this short today. I am tired and really want to get to sleep. All this ice is wearing me out.

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