Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amazing what a few days can make

So, my last post was about body image and how I couldn't see the difference. Up till now I really didn't get much feedback on my weight loss. I don't think I was looking for it but I guess maybe I was. All of a sudden in the last two days several people keep making comments to me that I am losing so much weight and that they can REALLY tell now. I am of course thanking them and to myself thinking WHERE DO THEY SEE THIS? All of a sudden it's noticeable? I am wearing the same clothes I have been wearing so it's not like I have bought smaller clothes. I am trying to "hold out" on buying more clothes until my bonus in January but I am also cautious about buying clothes that I am just going to "outgrow".

I just don't see it or understand why now it's suddenly apparent to many people that see me daily at work.
Again, I don't see it. I know that I tug on my jeans and they are snug in the waist and legs and about an hour later it is loose and by the end of the day I am pulling the pants up. So the question is do I go smaller in size, lay down on the bed and do the tug/pull to get them on and buttoned and hope that they will stretch to a normal fit? With my luck I would do that and they wouldn't stretch.
I hate yanking my drawers up throughout the day. Maybe that is what they are noticing that my pants are sagging.

Ok, I am still tight from my last fill. This is the longest I have EVER been tight. This is a good thing and I think I will prolong my next fill. Especially since I am paying for it.

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FitBy40 said...

I was at Wal Mart by me yesterday and they had a whole rack of ladies jeans that also double as capris, with a little button on the leg for when you want to roll them up. They were marked down to $5! I bought 2 in the next size down because for that price, who could pass them up!
I say do a little clearance shopping and see what you can find. I don't buy anything full price right now. Good luck with it, and I'm glad people are noticing!