Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One week and still tight as a drum

Well tomorrow will be one week since I got my adjustment. WOW what a difference. I am so tight now!!
I eat 2 bites and then I am stopped solid. It's like I hit a wall. It takes about 20 minutes and then I feel a "pop" like a dam has broke and I feel it start to loosen up. I am able to eat a little more for about a cup total.

I have tried all tricks and it doesn't matter whether it is a soft food like scrambled eggs or a solid like chicken. I get stuck regardless. I have tried drinking scalding hot apple cidar about 10-15 min before I eat and I have tried drinking it only when it gets super stuck as in painfully stuck. Nothing works other than sitting there and letting it do it's own thing. I seriously can only sit there. I can't bend over, lean over or even strain my stomach in any way shape or form until it passes.

I am only eating 3 times a day and like I said I am only eating about a cup. At breakfast it is even less. Nothing more than 1 egg scrambled and that takes me about 20 minutes to choke it down.

I am on vacation this week so being stressed is not a factor this week. I am just vegging out at home, doing a little online and in store shopping for Christmas. It can only be the fill. I don't think I am too tight but I have to seriously rethink my food choices and CHEW CHEW CHEW and then CHEW CHEW some more.

I think this adjustment will last me until January. I can say one thing, eating out will NOT be on the menu for a while. It is too difficult and being tight is so unpredictable. I go back to work next week and will definitely be taking all my food with me. It is going to be interesting to say the least.

Since I am home all week I have been cooking dinner all week. The family loves this. I have made fettucini alfredo with chicken, crockpot cheeseburger sloppy joes, fish, ham and pasta casserole. I am also going to make chicken cordon bleu casserole and chili mac over the next few days. The family is loving it.
But I am running out of meal ideas that will appeal to both the family and my band. There are some nights, like fettucini night that I just snacked because I can't eat pasta. It will be the same with the chili mac. I need fresh ideas and really want crock pot ideas.

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FitBy40 said...

I have a nice chicken crock pot recipe that I use often. It's super easy and yummy. They suggest serving it over pasta but we just skip that part and eat it like a stew. Send me your email address and I will pass it along.