Saturday, February 27, 2010

It began...Jan 26, 2010 Lapband surgery

I had already been to a free seminar for bariatric surgery. This was my intake visit with Bluegrass Bariatrics. This was a full day event. I arrived at 7 am start paperwork and to weigh in and BP. There were 8 of us I think. We sat around a table for our full day of events.
I sat there looking around at each person and wondered why some of them were even there. They weren't heavy to me. They looked normal weight. What upset me even more is that their insurance would cover it. MINE DOES NOT and for me it is medically necessary. Alas...I digress.
We had a short information group class on the different bands, nutrition and basic information. Next I had to go down to the lab for lab work. I came back to meet with the nutritionist, quick physical and then a meeting with the psychologist.
The psychologist was comical to say the least. I had filled out this questionnaire which I swear asked me dozens of time in different ways if I want to kill or harm myself. He asked me lots of questions and then asked if I was depressed. I said no. He said really? Then explain why the computer says you are severely depressed based on your questionnaire?'s a computer? Seriously, bad things happen in life, you deal with it and move on. Am I the happiest peach in the tree. No I am not but am I depressed? No not that either. He said I passed. I am sane enough to have surgery.
So the journey begins....

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