Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Stress

Every day has stress and obstacles. It is so easy to absentmindly reach for a candy bar or a bag of chips when we are stressed or upset or preoccupied. Keeping on track is harder each and every day.
They say that it takes 21 days of doing something over and over for it to become a habit but how long does it really take to undo a lifetime of doing things over and over? I suspect it is more than 21 days. Take each day as it comes. Face each obstacle head on and don't give up or give in.
Make a list of bad habits that you would like to change. Nothing major, just small ones at first. Then, pick one and decide what the change will be. Start on that immediately with the mindset that if you do slide you won't give up or say "there's always tomorrow". One slip up or even two does not make you a failure.
I chose giving up soft drinks as my first change. I am now soft drink free and I really have no desire for it. Occassionally I think I bet that tastes good but I no longer have an overwhelming desire for a Coke or Big Red. I, dare I say it, ask for ice water only when we eat out. That is something I would have NEVER done in a million years.
My next goal was to bring my lunch to work daily. I cut my eating out way down. Now eating out is a treat, which is the way it should be. It feels good to say, no thank you I brought my lunch.
I am still working on small goals because in the long run, those small goals add up. In this case up to 36.5lbs of weight loss.

Motivation Tip #6
Friends. Yeah, I am not much of a friends person. Actually, I really don't have any. I have had a lifetime of so called friends who turned on me and I was always loyal to the friendship. So that is my new goal. Work on friendships. You need people to share with that are understanding.

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