Friday, June 18, 2010

Life's little stresses

It is easy to let life get in the way. Too many times have I let what is going on around me define what and who I am. I let the stress take over and that isn't good for anyone and it can certainly sabotage any weight loss efforts.

My job, like so many others, is very stressfull for me. It's not something I can change right now. How I deal with it though, I can change. Rather than let it eat away at me and ruin all my efforts, I have to at some point just LET IT GO. Yes, much easier to type that than it is to actually do it.

Letting stress interfere causes depression and that of course causes overeating or causes you to make bad food choices because you "need" chocolate  or fried cheese. It does't have to be that way. Really, it doesn't. I konw you are thinking "oh, but I do need my chocolate or that tub of ice cream."

Don't let stress win. Keep your eye on the prize, on the long term. But remember, a slip up now and then is just that a slip up. It doesn't mean you have ruined it all and you can just start again next week. That is the basis of yo-yo dieting. One slip up does not make you a failure.

I have to confess, I LOVE Dove chocolates. The ones with the melting chocolate center or the caramel center. I call them "a little slab of heaven". I would have a few a day. I mean after all they are small. Right? This little delights sit on a desk right next to me. I can just roll my chair over to get some. Yeah I don't even have to get out of my chair to walk to it. When I gave up soft drinks in March, I have only had 2 since then and you what? They weren't as good or satisfying as I remembered. What was I thinking?

Evidently, I have new habits in place that make my old habits seem not worth it. I have absolutely NO desire for a soft drink. Not even a sip. The chocolates, so not worth it. Now, ice cream? I like ice cream. Do I love it? No. Do I eat it when I am bummed? No. So I continue to have Skinny Cow ice creams. The fudge bars are my favorite. My vice when I was bummed or stressed has always been real food. I would pig out and not even realize it.

Okay, I have a warning for those that eat at Jason's Deli, if you have one around. BEWARE!! Yes their food is delicious. They claim to be healthy and organic. "Food you can feel good about." No you can't. Go to their website before you go there again. Check out the nutrition information. You will be horrifed by the calories, fat and sodium content. Their infamous Nutty Mixed up Salad. It is organic and supposedly healthy. 45g of fat.

Motivational Tip #3

Promise yourself a reward when you reach certain weight loss goals. Having something to work towards makes the journey that much more enjoyable. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Rewards could be a new shirt, purse or girl's day out.

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