Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Reunion

This weekend was a family reunion. The first such event in more than 25 years. Needless to say I usually only see these people at funerals. No one has seen me since the last funeral and I was 120 lbs heavier. Would they notice? Yes and no. A few noticed and most did not. A little disheartening.

This reunion was a cookout at the park. They supplied the meats and we brought side dishes. I made jalapeno mac and cheese and cheesecake brownies. For my meal I made cashew chicken salad. I wanted to make sure I had food. I also brought my waters. It was a beautiful day. I got slightly stuck but it went down. I ate a cup of chicken salad (40g of protein) and a cheesecake brownie. That's it.
They had smoked pork, which I can't eat and hot dogs which also I cannot eat. Glad I brought the chicken salad.

It was a great time with family but the pictures got me a little depressed. I saw the pictures and I saw myself still very heavy. Lately when I take pics I looked like I lost weight but for some reason in these pics this weekend I looked heavy. I haven't gained weight so I am at a loss. Am I seeing things? Now I am bummed about it. I know I haven't gained weight because my jeans I wore today I had to keep hiking them up. I won't be able to wear them anymore, too big. I know pics tend to show more weight on you but really lately I thought I looked decent in pics and didn't mind taking pics. Now, I don't want pics taken. Mental?

Need to do some rethinking and reassessing. I am definitely thinking of getting my fill after my project at work is over. Mid October maybe. Got to get back on track.

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