Sunday, October 2, 2011

Still hanging on...

Well my new job has been keeping me pretty darn busy and add to that cheer for my daughter and football games for my son and my days are filled up!

We have stopped eating out pretty much. We had been lately eating out most days but lately I have been making sure to cook dinner except football nights. I bring my lunch most days now. I have to keep that up.

Trying to make hearty meals for myself that are high protein. Yesterday I made chili. I have tons of it for the week for myself and family. Too bad it's not going to be cold this week like last week. Still I can eat chili any day of the week.

Thankfully I have not been getting as stuck as usual. It's a nice feeling. Oddly enough, I got stuck eating chicken noodle soup from chik-fil-a. I made apple cinnamon crescents and ate several of those and did not get stuck. Go figure. These are yummy little treats that you can make as you wish with whatever you wish. I will have it in my recipe section. Who doesn't like a cresecent roll?

I have decided to go back for a fill after my work project is done next week so maybe the week after I will get that done. I feel it is time since my weight loss is at a standstill. Not up but not down either.

I need to keep moving forward and not be happy staying the same.

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