Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still not there

Well the fill I got has not made that much of a difference. I can still eat a lot at time and at other times I barely am able to eat at all.  I am getting frustrated with it. I know it is me and not the band. I know I need to get back to basics and start over.

I am back to eating out again for lunch. I get so tired of that. I did however go to Famous Dave's and got a two meat lunch combo. Brisket and wings with bbq beans and jalapeno mac n cheese. (I usually get two meats in case one meat gets stuck, I can try the other)
I had 2 wings and 2 slices of brisket. 1 tbsp of beans and also mac n cheese. That was lunch. Dinner was 2 hard tacos. Late night I ate more brisket. The next day I ate the rest of the wings. So that lunch lasted me a two days. But that isn't always the case.

I sat here last night trying to understand what I have or haven't been doing correctly with my band. I realized I no longer eat my protein first. Solid protein. I am back to plate grazing. A little of this and a little of that. The hardest part for me is focusing on eating and starting with the solid protein. I can say that I do get the full feeling which I haven't felt in many months. That sensation has been absent for quite some time.
I'm a picky eater but I like real food. I am a meat and potato kind of girl, where not potato anymore but basically I like my meat. I don't like fish at all unless it is deep fried and no longer has any fish-like taste. There are some days I don't eat any veggies at all. I miss that.

I have mixed up my waters and that may be a problem. I usually drink Vitamin Water Zero which has no calories, fat or sodium. I have been drinking Sobe with zero calories, fat, but it does has sodium. It is also made with Stevia like the vitamin water zero. The flavors are awesome. I love the macintosh apple cherry. It is like drinking watery apple juice. It's good. I got a few other new flavors to try. Strawberry Apricot. The coconut is good but is sugar laden.

I need to get my head wrapped around getting back on track. I want to continue going forward and not looking back. I have to say I have been lucky. I have no true weight gain in my entire journey. Unfortunately I haven't had any real weigth loss in the past many months. That needs to change.

Once again, I need to focus on bringing lunch to work. I think that is a key factor. I also need to incorporate more veggies in addition to increasing my protein. I have some things to think about since today is grocery day.

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