Friday, February 25, 2011


Wow! It is amazing what .3cc in my band can do. Wednesday, when I had the fill, I didn't notice a big difference other than gurgling. I ate respectively given the new fill. I had a chocolate banana protein shake, sausage potato soup for lunch and dinner.

Thursday I ate just fine. I had 1 egg for breakfast with laughing cow cheese. I had gotten lunch ordered in. Chicken breast, chicken wing, salad, carrot souffle. I only ate the little meat off the wing, about 3 tiny bites of the breast and all of the carrot souffle. It took me 2 hours to finish that. I took the meat left off the chicken breast and shredded it on top of my salad and put that away in the fridge. I ended up eating that for dinner. I didn't get stuck but it was tight after a few bites which made it slow going.

Today has been a WHOLE different story. I tried to eat eggs this morning. Keyword, tried. It wasn't that is was really stuck as it was like my chest/throat tightened up. It was painful after about 4 bites so that was all I ate. A few hours later I tried to go to lunch with my husband and ended up getting "tight" after about 4 bites. I ended up eating 2 bites of refried beans and 2 bites of chimichanga, mostly the meat before I got tight. I brought home almost all of the chimi, refried beans, all of the rice, and the guacamole.  I spit up a little but I didn't throw up. My chest/throat still feels tight and that was 5 hours ago. Atleast I know what I am having for dinner. I am chalking up the tightness to some swelling from the fill. It has been 2 months since my last one so it is like new all over again.

Since having the fill two days ago, I have lost a half pound. It is truly a good feeling to see myself back on track. Once again, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that without this surgery I would have continued to gain weight because when the band is loose, so are my lips. I go right back to shoveling the food in without a second thought. So much for learning new habits. The only new habit I have kept is no soft drinks. I ocassionally think about a soft drink, even seem to taste it in my mouth when thinking about it, but I have not had a single since my last intake visit March 25, 2010, almost a year now.

So, a random thought here, my surgeon's office said they did a lot of layoffs recently. I am a little concerned with that. This office is usually bustling with people both patients and office workers. It was very quiet and no one was in the waiting room which has never happened before. I sure hope they don't close this office. They have one in a nearby town but it isn't that nearby.

I am eating right now, my leftover lunch, and it is tight going down. It's not a stuck feeling so much as a tightness. It isn't really painful but it feels like to could be at any moment. I am just typing and eating slow, enjoying my meal.

I hope this finds everyone doing well! Check out my updated recipes.

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