Saturday, February 12, 2011

The things I ponder...female issues

This has been a quiet week. I have had nothing major going on food or otherwise. I am now down 95 lbs. The weight loss has been slow going lately and I am okay with that. I am not gaining which is part of the goal.

I am eating three meals a day, mostly protein. I have upped my roughage intake lately because of constipation issues. It took a few days but finally it kicked in and I feel so much better. It was touch and go there for a while and though I would never have any relief. Such is the side effects of having mostly protein everyday.

My day usually begins with 2 eggs, 2 wedges of laughing cow lite cheese at 8:30 am. I have an orange or clementine for snack. I eat lunch around 1 or 1:30pm. Yesterday I didn't eat lunch until 3pm. It's mainly when I am hungry. I had a bowl of white chili with cheese, lite sour cream and fritos. Dinner was around 8pm. I had about a cup of crockpot chicken and stuffing(I have updated my recipe). I also had a bowl of rice crispies cereal with milk for a snack. That was all I ate yesterday. I had 3 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero.

 My newest health issue so to speak is my periods. Not the best subject but one I am concerned about. In July 2009 I had the ablation surgery. My periods did not go away. BUMMER!! I have APS, antiphosophilid Antibody Syndrome. It is a blood clotting disorder that we feel is responsible for my miscarriage many many years ago, post-partum hemorrhage, and TIA to name a few. This may also be the reason why the ablation did not cause my periods to stop. Just a theory. Anyway, my periods became irregular after the surgery. The hot flashes were horrendous. They were so intense it felt like I had the flu where I was sweating profusely and shivering. They would last non stop for hours, then I would start my period and they would subside. After a few months of this bliss, my periods became even more erratic. The hot flashes eased up and the periods were slightly normal for about a month or two, then I started having more than one period a month. It was mostly spotting for a few days at a time a few times a month. This month 4 full fledged periods. I am thinking what the HECK!! Last night or should I say about 2 this morning I woke up in a pure sweat. I went the bathroom and there my period was full force. REALLY???? That would be number 4 since January 19th. I haven't had my annual exam since 2009. Yeah I know...not a good thing. So I had made my appointment last week for March to get my exam and the dreaded 1st mammogram.

My question to my doctor will be could my lapband be causing this or is it the weightloss? Either way....FIX IT!! I had tubal ligation in 2004 so having more children is not an issue just fix it. What are your issues since being banded? I know that weightloss itself can cause issues with periods but I wonder if the band plays any role?

Still not ready for a fill. I am eating a little more at each sitting but I still get stuck daily on something even soft foods so I feel a fill is not the best choice right now. If I start to gain then definitely will rethink that.

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