Monday, June 27, 2011

Great day, good food day

I took the Cashew Avocado Chicken Salad today for lunch. I decided to just take the avocado with me and cut it up fresh when it was time to eat. It is packed with protein and chunky chicken. I ate a cup of chicken salad and still have enough for 5 more meals. I spooned half the container on a plate and diced 1/2 of the avocado on my plate and the other half in the container and mixed. That was earlier today at noon. I keep an igloo lunch tote at my desk with a large ice pack for my Vitamin Water Zero and my lunch foods. I put the container back in there and just came home. The avocado is still fresh and green in the salad. It hasn't turned. No lime juice either. I also tweaked it a bit more. I added much more Ranch and less cashews. I should have added more swiss unless most of it is in the other containers. The celery makes great crunch and so do the cashews. I used the unsalted cashews and added Mrs. Dash today on my portion and pepper. It's a keeper. I will be posting a recipe for grilled avocado. I know, crazy isn't it? I should dedicate a page to avocado recipes. Ooh, I should~~

Had eggs for breakfast. Fixing spaghetti for dinner. Lots of lean beef and garlic. Yum! I use vermicelli noodles. They are much thinner than the thin spaghetti. Easier to digest for me.

It's gonna be a busy work week with my job but I am looking forward to it. It sure beats my previous job with all the stresses of making a monetary goal before the last day of the month and spending the last day of the month working on making the unit goal and end of month reports. I would most times be there until midnight. I could NEVER take off on the last day or the last week of the month for that matter. Now I can because I no longer have those worries. Do I feel bad? I feel bad for those that will have to do it but I don't feel bad personally. I am glad to be done with it.

My mom called me today and she commented how different I am. She said I am a whole different person that has nothing to do with my weightloss but everything to do with my new job. I am much happier. I am in a field I have a strong interest in and one that is growing. My last job I was at the highest position pretty much. There was no chance for further advancement any time soon. This was a good move for me although I was worried about it there for a bit. I am still nervous about getting a new boss but so be it!

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♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Wow - a whole new outlook that others are noticing? Sounds AWESOME! You go girl!