Monday, February 20, 2012

Gots Me A Fill

Oh Yeah, I am one happy girl. I went in dreading the appointment because I knew I gained. I gained 6.5 lbs in a month. No shocker there. I then dreaded the person who gives me the fill because she never can find the port opening and digs around AND she said she would only consider giving me 2cc IF I lost 8-10 lbs. Well, it seems to me if I had lost 8-10 lbs I probably wouldn't have needed a fill or that much.
I was pleasantly surprised when another techinician was there. She read through my file and disagreed with Maria. She said my weight gain is obvious that I need a fill. She put in 3cc. YIPPEE!!! I am now up to 5.4cc. Still below the 6.4cc I had right before that fateful fill that put me at 7.4cc and over the edge.

Since the fill this afternoon I have had a yogurt, because Debbie wanted me to make sure I could swallow it before 5pm when she gets off work in care there were any problems, she didn't want to wait. I then had a small container of white chili minus the chicken. I had spooned out portions without chicken because I have to eat mushies for 24 hrs. No meat, bread or pasta. I can't say I feel restriction yet but I definitely feel something. I remember that for me it kind of kicks in after a few days so we shall see. I can say I feel a slight fullness.

I will tell you without the band I have no feeling of fullness. None whatsoever. I can eat and eat and eat and never say "I am stuffed". It is scary to do that. The band is my fullness meter. I love my band. I can see without my band how dependant I really am on it. I must have it for portion control. It is a tool that I value.

Ok, so I took a big step today and told my friend that I will be bringing my lunch for a while because I need to be careful since I got this large fill. I told her I would still ride with her to get her lunch.(Thanks everyone for suggestions) She was okay with it and understood. Score!!

I am so excited. I am not upset about gaining 6.5 lbs. I am a little shocked but not surprised really. I knew I had gained since my pants were tight and my belly was sticking out. Actually I first realized my butt was getting bigger. That's okay. I have some of my "security blanket" back and ready to get it on.

So what is on my work lunch menus this week?  I am taking it easy today of course. Tomorrow probably a small container of white chili again. Good eats and protein packed with the beans. Can't forget the Beano. Gas is not my friend. Depending how it goes I may try a tamale on later in the week. I get these frozen ones in the husk at Trader Joe's. Good stuff. Taco salad is an option when I can tolerate meat. Taco meat on shredded lettuce. Very shredded lettuce. Dinner this week will be a toss up. Pork roast, chicken and meatloaf. I have stuff for me just in case this fill keeps my food choices limited. I also have yogurt and cottage cheese/green beans. Yes I like cottage cheese and green beans together. Don't judge. LOL.

Wish me luck everyone!!


Sarah G said...

That's a big fill! You are right to take it easy for a good while. Good luck!

FitBy40 said...

Best of luck with the fill, and so proud of you that you took a stand for yourself and told your friend what you need!

Angie said...

Thanks! So far things are working out for me.