Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hairloss Update

Good news in the week since my last post. My widening part has begun to fill back in. I am hoping this is a permanent change for the good. I am taking the Biotin daily at 5000 mcg. It doesn't help stop hair loss but mine has slowed down somewhat. It's still coming out but not in the handfuls it was before. My hair is looking healthier everyday. 

So I found more "smaller" clothes. The jeans have a bit of spandex (stretch) in them and while they are snug when I put them on, by the end of the day I am pulling them up constantly. What's up with that?? I am hoping I can shrink them so when they stretch out they won't be so big. Of course, everyone knows when you want to shrink something it won't.

I also found a couple of shirts. One is a little big but I think I can get a few wears out of it. It's kind of fun to see clothes I haven't worn in years, yes years, that now fit me again. I only kept the clothes that had a universal look that wouldn't go out of style. It saves me money too. With Christmas coming up I need to save money where I can.

I went to Paula Deen's buffet at Horseshoe Casino Saturday night. I only ate breakfast and didn't eat any lunch. I also drank hot beverage with dinner to make sure I didn't get stuck. I know it breaks the golden rule of no drinking while eating but the bathroom is outside the restaurant and down the hall quite a ways so if I were to get stuck it would be a long long trek to get relief and I may not make it. Drinking during the meal made it more enjoyable but I also ate more. ALOT MORE!!
I had gotten a small small portion of a few things so I could have a smidgen of a variety of stuff.
Smokes sausage
mashed potatoes
Mac n cheese
Collard Greens (yeah, I had never had collard greens before, not too bad)
Green Beans

I was thoroughly stuffed after that meal and very guilty. I will not be drinking during the meal again. This was a free buffet that my hubby and I had and wanted to make the most of it. Not that I would ever pay $27 each for a buffet. I try to avoid buffets now, too expensive, unless it is lunch then its not so bad and I have more of a variety of band-friendly foods.

Tonight I made a big pot of chili and buffalo chicken dip. I ate the dip. Yeah that didn't agree with me. It has some spice to it.

I also made Vegetable rice soup for lunches this week. The soup is good for you and high protein. 20 g per serving. The big pot of soup is 4 servings, 358 cal, 11g fat, 20g protein. Not bad and very flavorful!! The recipe is under my recipe section.

Well I will update after my office visit on Thursday...

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