Friday, October 22, 2010

Portions are controlled, hair not so much

Portions have been under control since my last fill. I have had no real issues with sliming which is a good thing all around. I am feeling good about where my band is at right now. I am finding myself pushing away the plate before I finish my food and I am sticking to the salad sized plates. I am not so concerned with fat or calories as I probably should be but I am satisfied and happy with my results so far. I don't think about what I am going to eat other than making sure it is protein based and bread reduced.
I LOVE hamburgers off the grill but they just aren't the same without a good bun. I have been disappointed. However, I recently found a solution that makes the burger absolutely delish and I don't even think about the bun  not being there. Laughing cow wedge cheese has a new flavor called Queso. Just a little spice is nice. When we grill out burgers, I have hubby make several extra. I store them in a container of fat free/low sodium beef broth. Keeps them moist. Heat one up and spread a wedge of Queso Laughing Cow and it is like gourmet dining. I pair it with a salad and I have a completely wonderful and satisfying meal. I take it for lunch. I have it for dinner if what the family wants is not band friendly(like pizza).
I have made some "mushy" foods lately and realize I really need to limit those because while I don't eat more in one sitting, I am finding myself having the munchies because my hunger wasn't fully satisfied. Solid foods stay with me much longer and keeps me satisfied.
My clothes are way too big now. I still haven't gone shopping but with the weather turning colder I won't have a choice for much longer. I had to wear business casual all week and had people telling me to stop wearing some pants because they were HUGE on me. So if others are noticing and actually telling me I guess it is time to suck it up and go shopping. I really hate to because even though I know I will be choosing a smaller size it is disheartening when a smaller size fits you in one piece of clothing but in another it is way too small. I get discouraged because outfits I think are so freakin cute look hideous on me.

Ok, the hair....I am really getting self concious about my hair. It is thinner and thinner on top. My part looks more like the grand canyon. I see LOTS of scalp and my hair overall is VERY thin. I tried products that make your hair appear thicker but it only made it greasy, flat and nappy looking. I usually wash my hair every other day so it doesn't strip out the color and when I wash my hair loads of hair falls out. If I put the products on my hair the next day it is a grease pit.
I am taking BIOTIN daily, well trying to remember. It won't help with thinning but should help with growth of the hair I have. I understand this is typical between 3-6 months after surgery and it should slow down or stop after a few months. Here's hoping!!!

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FitBy40 said...

Oh boy, I'm 2 months out and am totally terrified of the hair loss! I still have a protein shake almost every day and was hoping that would help. Good luck!