Friday, October 15, 2010

This week has been stressful

Well, I have to say this has been a stressful week. I did keep one promise to myself and that is I turned down ALL offers of candy or sweets. I went and bought Werther's hard candies with caramel in the middle. It is 50 cal for 2 pieces. That is my new must have sweets. I am saving calories and fat versus eating chocolates or candy bars and still getting the satisfaction when I am stressed. I put it to the test this week and it worked beautifully.

I brought my lunch all week except for the two days I ate the catered lunches. Even then I did really well. I had a salad with the main entree. Yesterday it was hamburgers and I ate it without the bread. It was still yummy. All in all, it was a good food week. I still have restriction although each week it is a little less tight. It loosens as I eat which is good. I would rather it loosen a little than be so tight I get sick. No episodes of sliming since my fill so I am happy. I think my portions are better controled then before the fill and I was sliming all the time. Weird! You would think that having more put in my band would mean it would get worse but it hasn't. I am being more careful and not taking chances on foods that have the potential to cause problems. To me it isn't worth the risk. Also, I am making sure I am eating more solids. After last time I was very scared of solids and tended to eat more mushy foods if possible. I can't do that and continue to feel full and lose weight. I am still learning to live with my band but all in all I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

I'm not weighing myself today. It's not a good "time" so in about 7 days I will weigh in. I know my weight isn't down this week due to issues but I should be good in a week.

I said last week that I will have to break down and go shopping for clothes. Boy that was apparent this week. I have a lot of belly skin/fat right now. It's jiggily. Pant that are snug in the waist are HUGE through the butt and legs and it makes me look dumpy. WOW I usually never worry about that. I normally would worry that it wasn't big enough to cover up all that girth. I guess I should try a slim fit in the current size I am in so it isn't so big in the legs and butt. I have to wear business casual all next week so I guess I need to get that taken care of this weekend. YUCK, I really hate shopping!!!

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