Friday, October 8, 2010

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I went in for a fill yesterday. I called the office Monday because I was eating way too much and the scale was not moving no matter what I did. Also, I have had strong cravings for sweets and snack foods which I NEVER did before. Oh, ocassionally I would want a little candy or chips but it wasn't daily, multiple times per day. I have been out of control with that for the past two weeks. I was also eating way more than I should. I could eat a salad plate and a half of food each time. Although I wasn't hungry for another 5-6 hrs it still was more than I should have had.
I knew that I needed an alternative for sweets craving at work where chocolates are abundant! Let's face it, chocolate melts and slides right on through the band so I was able to indulge immensely in the chocolate caramel dove candies or the fundraiser caramel chocolate candy bars. Well I need to support the schools/kids right? Yeah that was my excuse. I have compromised to Werthers hard candies with the caramel center. Do you see the caramel theme going on here? Suddenly I am a caramel fanatic. Again not usual for me. Anyway, the Werthers is 50 cal, 1g fat for two candies. They are delish! That is my compromise for now to get me through this crisis I seem to be having. I did turn down the offers of twix bars and a cupcake. That's progress right?

Back to the doctor visit...I went in yesterday for a fill and I had actually lost 7lbs since my last appointment so I was thrilled and very surprised. Of course that was over about 6 weeks. I got a .2 fill to try and help curb my portion size but she didn't want me to get too tight. It is official, I absolutely cannot eat regular bread or toast. I can only eat the bread from Jimmy Johns sandwiches. Weird but true! No tortillas either. No pot roast because it is too stringy no matter how small a bite. It just compresses into a ball and gets stuck. I can still eat the cooked vegetables that I put in the roast so I guess I will have to live with that. Dang it!
I go back to the doctor in a month so we shall see how this is going for me.

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