Monday, October 11, 2010

Noticing changes

Well for starters, this fill I can notice a change. I eat a much smaller portion than I have been lately. This is a good thing. I don't feel anymore stuck than usual but I defintely have a full feeling shortly after I start eating. My nurse gave me a xerox copy of the "lap band plate" so I could have the actual size of the plate. I am not able to even eat that much right now. Here is what I ate today: 2 eggs, 2 wedges lite laughing cow swiss, meatloaf, green beans, 6 buffalo sauce pretzel chips, then for dinner another slice of meatloaf, green beans. Drank Vitamin Water Zero all day. I like to eat the same food for lunch and dinner.

The second thing I have noticed is my clothes finally are getting noticeably HUGE on me. I wore a pair of my smaller jeans last week and I was told to stop wearing them that they were too big. Nice to hear that for a change. I have noticed that my shirts are more loose on me. Some to the point that I need to get rid of them. Again, I never imagined I would be saying that! I have been gettin clothes out of my bin that I put smaller yet stylish clothes in. I am running out of those too. It looks like I will have to break down and go shopping. I have been trying to avoid it.

Tottally off the subject here but anyone heard of or remember La Femme Nikita? OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I can only get it online and can only watch it for about 56 min before I am kicked off for an hour. I am addicted!!

Well that is all for now. I hope the good news keeps coming.

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