Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another measure of success

As I said before I don't measure my success by the fit of my clothes or even the scale, ok the scale maybe. I had a new "measuring" experience yesterday and it is one I had not thought of until I was on my way there. I am a procrastinator when it comes to getting my hair done. I know, crazy right? I have not had my hair cut or colored since March. I let my hair grow and my color fade until when I look into the mirror, the first thing I notice is the gray then it is time to get my hair cut and colored. Hey, it's my system and when I pay $100 for a cut and color then I figure it evens out.
So, I came back from vacation and well ALL I saw was gray hair. I went in yesterday for my standard cut/color with my favorite stylist, Amy @ Salon Delonjay. She is fabulous!! Anyway, they have you put on a black "coloring jacket". Well they are one size fits all but it never fits me. It is tight in the arms and I can't wrap it around me at all. So my solution so it is not so noticeable to the other ladies there? I wear a black shirt that is 3/4 sleeves so it blends in and looks like it fits. Crazy isn't it? Well I wore my usual black top yesterday more out of habit than anything. Of course, I rationalized it by telling myself I wear black that way if any color happens to get on it, it won't show. Yeah right!
Anyway, I get there and put on the jacket and you know what? The sleeves were too big for me. I could pull the front almost all the way together. YEAH VICTORY! I figure by the time I drag my butt into there for another cut/color it will fit just fine. Oh and by the way, My hair looks FABULOUS!!
These little accomplishments are the ultimate motivation tips. Take time to notice the little differences the weight loss makes. I feel so much better about myself when I do. Even when I look in the mirror and I don't really see a difference and no one ever says they see a difference, other than my mom and let's face it, she is biased anyway. LOL! These little differences are actually huge in my book because they are things that I take notice of each and every time I do them. It's like a little pick me up.

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