Monday, July 26, 2010

Follow up visit today. Lost another 8.5 lbs. Total Loss 45.5 lbs

I had my follow up visit today. Good news, I am down 8.5 lbs since my last visit 3 weeks ago. My BP was 108/72. The best ever!
I didn't need a fill today. I was feeling guilty during vacation because I had no problem eating a salad-size plate of food. Turns out that is exactly what I should be eating. Somewhere along the way I forgot that and have been eating much less. I am in what they call the green zone and didn't know it. I can eat a salad-size plate of food and not be hungry for 5-6 hours. Right where I need to be and the fact that I was on vacation during those 3 weeks and I am bloated right now means I exceed the amount of weight each week I should lose. Remember Bandsters should lose about 2 lbs a week. So no fill today. I go back in a month to see how this is working for me. She said that's not to say I won't need a fill in a month after I have lost more weight.
Now the bad news, yeah you know it's coming. I hadn't gotten my lap results from a month ago so I asked about them. Apparently, the lab didn't send them. They pulled the results and reviewed them. She called me back to talk to her for a minute. She said she knew why my knee and joints were hurting. I am potassium and Vitamin D deficient. Severely Vitamin D deficient. It should be "30" and mine was "8". I now have to take prescriptions for both. But those deficiencies cause my achiness, joint and knee pain. Here's hoping I feel better soon.
On to other news, I got a Nordic Track recumbent stationary bike this weekend. I have used it twice already. I really like it. My knees and hips don't hurt when I use it. Granted I can only do about 3 min but I am working on it.
I also bought a pair of Avi Motion shoes by AVIA. They are similar to Sketchers Shape-ups. I tried the Sketchers and they were stiff like my regular Sketchers which hurts my feet. I have worn the AVIAs two days now for about 10 hours each day. I walked the malls yesterday and had a lot of running to do today including the grocery. No problems. This morning I work up and my calves and lower butt cheeks were a little achy but now I don't know if that is from the shoes workout or my vitamin deficiencies. The jury is still out. I will have to let you know.
Tomorrow I go back to work. My vacation is sadly over. I had planned on wearing my new workout shoes to work but we have to wear business casual Tuesday thru Thurs. Hopefully I get to wear them Friday and let you know how I did wearing them 10 hrs at work.

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