Friday, December 9, 2011

Found another before pic...oh how far I have come


Lap Band Gal said...

Great find :) You've come a long way baby!

For some really odd reason, I LOVE my fat photos. Not sure why. Do you?

FitBy40 said...

WOW! Great job. By the way, I love your new profile's like a whole new person!

Anonymous said...

Ang….AMAZING, WOW, you look phenomenal!
I love your profile pic! “SMOKIN HOT”.

Angie said...

@Lap band Gal, I don't love my fat photos. I cringe when I see them.Oddly enough even now some days I look at myself and see that I look thinner and other days I look in the mirror and for a moment I think I don't look at all like I lost weight. It's still a mental game with me.

@Fit by 40, thanks so much!

@ Becky, thanks for that. The only thing hot about me is the hot flashes. No I'm not kidding. I flash like clockwork. HAHA

Angie said...

This was taken 3 months before my surgery