Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh Baby

Oh Baby, is my band still tight! Nearly two weeks post-fill and still going strong. I am so glad for that even though I am struggling with learning to eat bander-style again since mine had been so laxed lately.

My typical meal before this fill and after:

Meal                           Before                                                                          After
Breakfast                 2 scrambles eggs, 3 laughing cow cheese                          1 scrambled egg, 1 cheese

Lunch                       Entire entree Qdoba chicken nachos                                 1/4 of a craft 2 nacho-tiny

Dinner                      2 x 2 in piece of meatloaf casserole                                   3 tbsp of meatloaf casserole

I see a big difference in what I can eat now. To put this in perspective I had been retaining fluid, so I thought and had ballooned up at least 15 lbs on my at home scale. I started watching everything to see what the heck was going on. I got it down to a 2 lb gain when I went in to get my fill. Since then, I am now down 6 lbs.

Today was a big big day. We had our unit lunch. We went out to Old Chicago. PIZZA!! I love pizza but I have problems with it when my band is loose so now would be a nightmare. I was scared!! Everyone was ordering pizza. I didn't want salad when pizza was all around. So I got an artisan pizza for one with anduoille sausage and ground beef. It was cut into 4 pieces and crispy. OH MAN WAS IT GOOD! YES I ate a tiny piece and didn't get stuck which was a good thing because I was also nervous about that since we sat in a half moon booth and I was in the very middle. It was a very good day.

I just want to see that scale go slowly down. It's how I roll.

Ok, product alert....Jeggings. Don't ya love them? I was shopping on black Friday and found some jeans for my kids online at Old Navy. Well Women's jeans were on sale too. I saw these black jeggings with flared legs for $10. Like I am passing that up. Got them and didn't even try them on. They sat in my closet for a few weeks. I wore them for the 1st time last week and LOVE THEM. They are like stretchy knit with an elastic waist. They are oh so comfy. Non Binding for my stomach which is why I wore them today. I love the flared leg and fitting through the thighs and butt. I am different sizes in different parts of my body. If I get the pants to fit my hips, butt, thighs then it is a size too small for my waist and is painful. If I get it larger to fit my waist then I am constantly hiking them up because they slide down my butt. In between on the lower end which is a switch when I am usually in between on the higher end.

Feeling pretty good right now. Happy my latest fill is lasting this long.

What is your New Year's resolution?


FitBy40 said...

Oh how I miss pizza! Every once in a while I can have a tiny bit if it's thin crust, but mostly I stay away from it and that was my all time favorite food!
Glad you had a good lunch without incident!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I'm so glad you feel pretty - it's nice to hear! Keep it up!

Alison said...

Fantastic weight loss! My body is all different sizes too, I'm really struggling with jeans right now, my waist is 2 sizes bigger than my legs!

Angie said...

@Alison, try the jeggings from OldNavy.com. The black ones are wonderful. It has an elastic waist and are very comfortable.
@Drazil, it is still a work in progress. Some days I don't feel pretty.
@Fitby40, usually pizza is not an option for me even thin crispy crust. Bread products is my clue to get a fill, if I can eat them. This was a one time deal I think and so glad to have it. Even though all I ate amounted to 2-3 bites it was heaven.