Thursday, December 22, 2011

Band slippage, we think

OMG!!! All of a sudden I was in band hell. There was NOTHING that would go down. Not even water, heck not even my own saliva. It just sat in my throat and then it would have to come up along with slime. It was so bad my nose was running from all the backing up of slime. Non stop uppage for hours. The worst part?? I was at work. Every few minutes I had to go to the bathroom and get the slime out. Hot liquids did nothing for me. It felt like I had a lump in my throat and that my throat had closed up. I couldn't even breathe through my mouth. I finally called the doctor at 2:47pm today and they told me to come in. We got to leave early today for the holidays, we are closed tomorrow, and I spent that extra time at the doctors. I got there at 3:20 and left at 5:20. It took that long to get this under control. First, same girl, couldn't find my port. AGAIN. She then went to find another person to help and they were busy and she came back and asked to try one more time. I said fine, I just wanted relief. I really didn't care at this point. She found the port and the port opening but only .5cc came out. She left the needle sticking in there and went and got another needle/syringe and stuck it in right beside the 1st one and lo and behold, she easily got the fluid out. She took out a little at a time, each time me trying to drink. She took out 6.4cc before I could swallow. We are pretty certain there was slippage due to how much she had to take out. I felt her taking out the fluid too. It was painful. It felt like someone was untwisting my esophagus. I felt it in there. Once it was out, I felt good. The lump feeling in my throat was gone, I could breathe through my mouth and I was able to swallow water. I am nearly back to square one again fill-wise with the exception that I have lost over 100lbs already. I have some serious watching to do so I don't overeat.

WOW so glad that is over. I had some Backyard Burger Chili for dinner. It is more like soup and isn't spicy. It was just what I needed. Went down fine and stayed down. The chili has 8g of protein for a little cup.  I am now sipping on some chocolate milk. It has 18g protein.

My stomach is sore. My port is sore. My stomach inside is sore. It cramps from time to time when I eat or drink so I am just taking it super slow and easy. Nothing solid. There is a lot of irritation in there from the swelling and throwing up. Not really throwing up as much as expelling the slime. Fun times.

I am glad I got off work early even though I had planned to finish my Christmas Shopping. Somethings are more important and I wasn't about to let it go until next week. I wouldn't be able to take off work then either since most are off next week. We have to have coverage.

Saturday is our Christmas celebration at my Mom's. She got a sandwich platter, which I can't eat, well I couldn't but probably could now. Yet, I don't plan on finding out. I have given up carbs for the most part so I don't want to get back on eating bread. So, I am making sausage balls, wings, and buffalo chicken dip. I have this awesome wing recipe. I will post it after this. I am also making punch for us to drink. Good stuff.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I wish each one a blessed Christmas!


FitBy40 said...

Holy cow, what an awful event!
So glad it seems to be under control now, but be careful.
Wow. Glad that didn't happen over the holiday weekend when they would likely be closed.

Angie said...

That's why I didn't let it go any longer. Normally I would have just suffered through it. I was always convinced it would get better but this time it was getting worse. It got so extreme that I was scared.

Andrea said...

So glad you got that taken care of! Hopefully now that the fluid is out your stomach will adjust and the band will go back in place.

Sarah G said...

How scary! I am so glad they were able to get you some relief!! Are they planning an x-ray or fluoroscopy to check the placement?